Marine Writes Letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein: ‘I will not be disarmed'

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  1. Thought this was interesting and would share. Sorry for another gun control thread but this shit is very relevant now.

    Marine Writes Letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein:

    Sorry, I don't know how to just quote the story.

    I hope all the vets out there share his mentality.
  2. I bet there are a few active duty that would be willing to go door to door. Look at what happened during Katrina, these people will hide behind the guise of "just following orders"
  3. Dude I saw that video, they were straight up coming to collect guns, not to check on the people.
  4. Long live the USMC
  5. Pure stupidity.
  6. A hitman for the mafia with delusions that he fought the good fight and that the mafia is supposed to be his servant.

    If soldiers, for the most part, have no problem raiding/disarming homes in 'foreign' lands why believe they wouldn't do it to you?
  7. I'm a life-long Californian, and very liberal, and I mean it when I say this - FUCK DIANE FEINSTEIN! I've been trying to get this bitch out of office for AGES. She's anti-drug, anti-guns, anti everything - she might as well be a Republican.

    Shit, she shouldn't even BE in politics. You can thank Dan White for that. You know the guy who killed Harvey Milk. Guess who took Harvey's job and ran with guessed it.

    Her and her bedmate Barbara Boxer need to be termed out.

  8. ey ya its weird how that works, it seems like some states are running it old school where its the same person running shit for literally 15-30 years. fidel castro style. and when there term is up they move to some new position. theres a few politicians like that in my state until the last election at least...
  9. I agree 100%. In my honest opinion, they should have two terms and there out. It's crazy how we elect them in, but we can't get them out. It don't make no sense, but that's politics.
  10. Good marine.
  11. Semper Fidelis.
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    Yes but look at the damage that can be done in two terms. 0bama(yes that's a zero) has another term to serve. God only knows what this country will look like in four years with him not having to worry about reelection

    Hitler came to political prominence in the early 30's in Germany & the historical guess of when he started gassing Jews is 1942 after the idea came up the year before in the writings of Joseph Goebbels of December 12, 1941 and Heinrich Himmler.

    I'm not saying he's going to start gassing Jews but his administration is the one that listed Tea Party members, returning GI's & folks that believe in & support the Constitution as potential terrorists. With the new NDAA law he can execute any American based solely on his decision any time he chooses.

    Americans are buying guns hand over fist & have been since he was first elected in 2008. Think they can't read the writing on the wall & think they don't know who he is? Think again.
  13. I read that letter with balls as if I were reading it to her
  14. I hope all veterans write her a letter. She needs to know her actions create a negative effect. The best way to control people is to disarm them, but the best way to take back our country is to take arms (constitution).
  15. ^ i wouldn't hold my breath if i were you...
  16. After being in public service since the 70's do you really think she cares about what 'We The People' think?

    The best way to control people is to disarm them,
    This ^^^ is exactly what all of the media hype & the politicans rush to limit our 2nd amendment rights is all about. The public that supports this stricter gun control is being lead down the garden path once again by our rulers & their songbird media.
  17. What Congress isn't getting is that if they start enforcing gun control they will have a revolution on their hands.

    Its not the road we go down.

    Its what China is waiting for
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    Now I'm not very well informed on this bill, but if its aiming to get rid of semi automatic assualt rifles with massive clips then I'm all for it. Who really needs 30 or 60 rounds in a clip to protect their home. Civilians should not be allowed, imo, to own any guns besides shotguns, handguns, and maybe basic rifles for protection and hunting. If you need more than ten shots to hit an animal then you're a pretty shitty hunter and you should give up. These people in this thread claiming thay obama is similar to Hitler or some sort of dictator are plain misinformed and need to stop smoking so much pot cause you're way too paranoid.
  19. i would have to think that if, in mid revolution, the chinese showed up, americans would be smart enough to postpone revolting and go kill chinese soldiers. might even be a good experience for ya:D
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    If anyone gets their weapons taken away it should be the government.


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