Marine on gun control, owns reporter on CNN

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    [ame=]Ret. Marine Absolutely Owns CNN Anchor On 2nd Amendment - "Unconstitutional Laws Aren't Laws" - YouTube[/ame]

    Manager of FPS Russia found dead, tied to a chair while shot in the back of the head. This is the second death of someone major in the firearms industry in the past week, including John Novseke, killed in a somewhat mysterious car crash
  2. stand down Marine lol

    my family is mostly USMC
  3. He was really thinking about what to say there, or what not to say.
  4. I see where you are going with this op. To be honest, people throw around too many conspiracies without nailing one. People are not going to see the corruption if theres always another conspiracy being spoken of. This is why people roll their eyes, we need to focus on what we know most about and and put it together so it is so solid it cant be denied. Right now all this conspiracy stuff is messed up, and bringing more into it dont do any favours, for people studying it or for people you are trying to convince. I can see the point thats being made though.
  5. Right now we need to focus on protecting the 2nd amendment before we become slaves
  6. Awesome link OP!
  7. Yeah i agree, i just hope people listen and understand why you show these articles.
    I already put this in the CT thread, this happend in my part of the world, very sad but look at the results.


  8. Exactly, as soon as Americans are disarmed by the government the whole world will likely follow
  9. What a bunch of nonsense.
  10. Your comment is a bunch of nonsense
  11. [ame=]ALEX JONES vs PIERS MORGAN - YouTube[/ame]

    Dude gets his shot at National Television and goes ham.
  12. Thats a good bit of footage, i aways thought Alex Jones was exposed as a misinformer but he seems pretty pasionate on that tape. Although i have to say if someone had there chance on tv why would they come across like him, he is making points but he ruins it all because he wont shut up. Let Piers talk and then rebut what he says and make him look stupid, like Jesse did. Love the british Alex though hahaha.
  13. He was really thinking about what to say there[​IMG]
  14. I think he should have expounded on his points a little more, there were a few times where she asks him a question, and he answers with one short sentence. I think he could have made his point a lot better if he had expanded on the point that, for instance, unconstituational laws aren't laws.
  15. Agreed, there were a couple of parts where I was wishing he would continue on with his sentence to prove his point but then switched questions. I think it was because of the reporter rushing his answers and asking tons of questions unrelated
  16. Yeah, when he made his point about unconstitutional laws, he should have countered her insinuation that he doesn't mind becoming a criminal with the point that it is in fact Sen. Feinstein who is breaking the law, not him. Maybe throw in Martin Luther King's quote about is being a citizens moral duty to disobey unjust laws.
  17. Thats the thing with Morgan, he quickly tries to move it along when the interviewee starts talking sense, the pupet strings are pulled and he shuts you up. I think we should go to a break, we will be back after this (in Morgans voice).
  18. Haha, love it!
  19. Yes.

    Also: he didn't really bring up the main reason for the 2nd: to protect oneself against tyranny, a check against government power -- not against crazed murderers as was his point.

    The founders spoke of this quite a bit and it isn't even arguable. And the RKBA for citizens goes way back before the founding of this country.

    If the right to keep ANY gun is to be protected, the civilian version of the assault rifle is number one.

    I think it was Col. Jeff Cooper who said: "Pick up a rifle and you change instantly from a subject to a citizen."

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