Marine faces discharge for Facebook posts

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  1. When you despise him for shallow, misguided reasons its okay.. But when you despise him because of his unlawful leadership you're a potential whistle blowing threat. Gotcha. :rolleyes:
  2. Well I could imagine that this can go two ways.
    Since he did sign up with the military he has to abide by everything that his superiors say, even if he disagrees.
    I know this is infringing on freedom of speech but the military has its own law.
    I went to bootcamp for the airforce and I started to see all my rights being taken away, so I left because I wasn't willing to sell my morals for a quick buck.

    Imagine if there were 10 active duty servicemen and a portion of them did not want to adhere, there would be a break in the superiors leadership. So yeah it sucks but the military owns you and unfortunately if you play their game, you have to follow their rules.
    It sucks that he's going to get dishonorably discharged and part of all the rules being kept is the reason why I quickly changed my mind about the whole ordeal.
  3. Well I was in ROTC for about a year in my freshaman year of college and we were taught that you are allowed to have political opinions, join protests, excettera, you just cannot do so while in uniform. So idk why this is such a big deal, there were several active duty soldiers in my ROTC class that said exactly the same thing as this guy did.
  4. the president is his most high up boss. can't go around saying negative things about your boss.

    edit: for the record, I think it is stupid to try to discharge the guy
  5. He was warned several times about these activities, and continued to do it.

    Generally, corporations do not approve of employees voicing their criticisms in public about management and policies, so I don't see why the military would not have similar policies.

    Unrestricted free speech does not exist when you work for other people, whether it's for the government or the private sector.
  6. Facebook, ender of careers and relationships...
  7. The US military sure is fucked up...

    Stein gets booted out for bad mouthing Obama but Frank Wuterich slaughters 24 innocent civilians in Iraq and gets a rank reduction and pay cut...
    Haditha killings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Kill innocent civilians and get demoted.

    Dare to question Obama and get booted out.

  8. This is totally typical and expected if you understand how the state works.

    The worst crimes in a statist society are crimes against the state. Crimes against other individuals are lesser crimes. This is basically the entire framework of statist law.

    Question Obama = crime against the state.

    Killing random innocent civilians = crime against individuals.

    This is how it works. Once you see the reality of the situation all crimes and their punishments make sense (from the statist pov at least).
  9. ya...every day I struggle with this thought:

    ..but DOG ignores me, Cthulhu giggles at my suffering, and well, this leads me back to my daily life...


  10. The way I see it is the US military is his employer. My employer forbids me from posting on certain forums w/o their permission. If don't comply, I'll get disciplined.

    A bunch of folks "talking shop" saying they wouldn't obey an order that violates the constitution is far different then posting it on a social-network.

    The smarter move however, would have been not to make a big deal about it and then find another reason to make the guy go away. Promote him if necessary.
  11. lol a marine in hawaii had a detailed plan to kill obama and he didnt even get kicked out. I doubt theyll actually kick him out, just NJP him
  12. Just a bump for a worthy cause. Please take the time to go by his Facebook page and show some support:
    Welkom bij Facebook - Meld je aan, registreer je of ontdek meer

    I hope there are more courageous servicemen who ha e the honor and courage to stand up for their beliefs. Let him be an example for others that would otherwise have kept silent about the unConstitutionality of the current administration. :hello:

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