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Marijuanna Coffee/Tea Guides

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TonyStoney, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. you can make some great tea making scraps this is a great recipe by me,

    1. weed stems/leafs or just leftovers
    2. tea bag
    3. milk
    4. a tiny bit of oil.

    add the milk an half of an tsp of oil/ tiny butter just enough to see it floating on top of water stir it so its all mixed in with water good, Put the the cup in microwave to hot enough boil add the teabags first then sqeeze them with a spoon for quicker release of tea, after that reheat and when done and at a hot enough temp (wihtuot being hot enought to boil of thc/evaporate it note: u dont want it boiling hot. just hot enough so ur finger cant stay in it.) make sure your teabag is out, add all your weed or stems, or medicine.
    sir let cool and enjoy, if done correctly it should taste good, add alil suger as need i only us like 3 drops of oil cuhz milk can absorb too an i go for taste but anyways im high atm an its a buetiful uplifting painreleving high! enjoy man hope this helps - when done u should see the oil only atiny bit holding thc floating ontop of the water.
    im bakked an i highly recommend trying this. i was going to sqwiso it but i couldnt resist.

    Coffee recepeie - simple instant

    ive done this only once and it worked great with instant coffee.
    add water and half a tsp of oil to water heat untill boiling,
    still make sure that the oil u can see is on top and small beeded kinda like globs of it in there but small and diced up.

    when hot enough add instant coffee and weed/milk heat let cool and enjoy.
  2. This work with vapped stuff?
    And would it be better to heat the water them add oil?
  3. i added the oil with the milk then put right into microwave but if u want to add after itll prob not mix into the milk aswell as if it was heated with it but yes you can use abv and i totally recommend it man this method works very well and its deff one of them highs where u could be out roaming around our totally comfy at your computer desk. i drank mine n the bath an when i started typing this i was alrdy feeling effects. but i put some ground up buds and stems in mine.

    seriously peeps follow the guide an itll come out great.

    /e if your one of them weed fanatics you can rinse this twice but the second time keep the stems in the cup when heating in microwave.

  4. lol you took my method and led me here! :confused:
  5. I would rather toke any day obviously but these "special" drinks help if you are in a place you can't smoke in for long periods of time (For me it was ALWAYS the library during finals week) I would be stoned for HOURS too, because the edibles are pretty potent (even though they take longer)

  6. if you look at my post, it shows u how to intensify the method you are using an i figured you could try these if u wanted..
  7. hey guys just an update, im going to be making a videa on this pretty soon i have a bunch of stems saved up i can show you how to make it really good.

    if successfull u ofc will get high but you should taste a light hempy taste in the tea/

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