Marijuana's effect on caffeine?

Discussion in 'General' started by MorningTrip, May 4, 2006.

  1. This afternoon I made myself some coffee after waking up late due to oversleeping. Soon after I had a few small bowls of Marijuana and shortly after I felt one of those "caffeine rushes" as I had had a gallon of coffee. This has never happened to me in the many years of my drinking coffee, and hasn't happened to me since I had first started smoking(the hyperness feeling). Right now, I am feeling extremely jittery, like I have Tourette's Syndrome.

    Pretty crazy shit.
  2. Hmm...I often take coffee after I have smoked weed, I don't get any major effects...
  3. Dont know what to tell you man? For me i think its sort of the opposite. I can chug an energy drink and feel a little buzz or watever you call it, when totally sober. When im high, the drinks dont effect me at all?
  4. i have had coffee only once when i was high..tasted great but didnt seem to really affect me... but i drink one of those JOLT's b4..that made me pretty crazy or "loopy" as a friend of mine said lol
  5. I drink coffee and smoke a joint nearly every morning. Never get that.
  6. I use caffeine with weed often, never noticed that kind of thing. Just more of an "up" feeling and a little more agititation than normal.
  7. It is probably caused by both the substances being in my body at the same time, for the first time ever.
  8. All the time man! I drink Bawls then smoke a bowl sometimes just to get that extra rush when I need it (like waking up 5 minutes before class starts...). It only works with strong caffeine drinks (in my case...). Regular cokes won't work. However strong your energy drink is, always remember: YMMV!

    -Antwan L.
  9. Damn bro, you just answered my question and been wondering about it for the past few days now...

    I just started tokin' up again after being sober for 2 years. Bought my first sack a few days ago and been steady tokin' 24/7 ever since I got it.

    One thing I was real paranoid about my herb laced w/ coke or some other upper? It's a real stupid thing to think, and is paranoia at best, but I always wondered why I would get such a massive caffeine/crack feeling rush after roasting some bowls?...I actually have a high tolerance to caffeine, so it's weird to feel this way all of a sudden.

    I wake n bake..well sorta, everyday in the morning, I mix 200mg of caffeine with water...I drink it all in one shot, so yeah it hits me quite fast.

    Well, shortly after downing the shot...I go into my room and fire some bowls. Oh my, I understand what you're saying and how it feels like you just ingest a gallon of caffeine. I am lit and have to go to work, and commute is about 45mins away. I am sitting there in my car, flying....can't really feel my legs, and my head feels weightless.

    It must be the ganja inducing the effects both physically and mentally of caffeine.

    It's cool, cause I'm not tired anymore and don't really get couchlock from indica I'm smokin', but at the same time...kinda trippy, especially when you don't know nothing about it, like me until I saw this thread. Generally, it feels like sativa, only a lil stronger lol

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