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Marijuanas effect in the long run

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cmbr66, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. I have met people that have smoked for quite some time and nothing seems to be wrong with them. I always hear stories of people that smoke alot and they are slow or act funny. Does marijuana make you slow in the long run?
  2. currently there is no evidence that suggests smoking weed will affect your long term memory or your intelligence. the people who smoke weed and are dumb are either born dumb, have done massive drugs in their years, or drink way too much (alchohol is known to make people less intelligent over time).
  3. everyone i know personally that smokes every day is slow.

    it could be a conicidence, though.
  4. I've smoked for 16 years and I feel fine.


    Seriously, I'm not slow and I don't have any weird things that cause me to "act" funny. I know many people who have smoked a lot longer than I have and they are intelligent, healthy and happy people.

    Like Cottons said, people who smoke weed and appear to be not-so-bright were not-so-bright before they started getting high. Weed doesn't make you less intelligent. Trust me on this one.
  5. I know we've all had our days of hardcore smoking and we feel retarded the next day. But nothing has proven that these effects are longterm.
  6. weed does slow one down a bit ... but this is only short term .. and mostly whne u are high ... otherwise its fine...
  7. yea people think if you smoke then your a bum and slow. like the way people think all jocks are big and dumb and all cheerleaders are dumb sluts. popular fallacies
  8. edited by critter:D be nice my friend.A lot of people here have dauthers.[​IMG]
  9. well i have become a hardcore pothead in the last 2 years that i have been smoking and i can say that i have noticed a difference in my thinking, memory, and intelligence. hopefully it is just temporary.
  10. look at ozzy, he is so fucked up. course he did a whole lot more than pot, a whole lot. its just so funny to watch him. i can picture him right now, stumbling around and mumbling to everyone. haha


  11. if they were to stop smoking long enough for the affects to wear off they'd probably be a bit quicker :D

    the slowness is usually limited to periods of heavy use, or while you're stoned.
  12. maybe they are slow because they are stoned all the time and never sober when they are around people. Thats the only conclusion I have come up with. I am not slow and hardly anyone knows I smoke until I tell them. A lot of people at my school smoke too but I dont know unless they tell me.
  13. thats the biggest reason why my mom doesnt want me to smoke. i wish i can get a group of smart weed smokers to talk to her to show her that it doesnt fuck up your brain like everyone thinks.

  14. have her come to the city and talk to some of us... there's some really intelligent people here. ;)
  15. weed doessnt do shit! tooo yu's...dudes i smook like 25 bongs a daz opf some sierius shit and thar is nuthin wrongs with me.

    wait...wat are us taking abouts?
  16. i was watching somthing on tv about people that were alcoholics. they took one guy to take a brain activity test. they showed a like a 3d graph of a normal brain and it was all colorful and have alot of waves. then the the alcoholic took the test and his graph had alot of holes in it ( swiss cheese ) and it didnt have alot of color. the guy started crying and said he would quit drinking. they should do that test on a marijuana user.
  17. no problems here, except my short term memory suffers here and there. but i attribute that to stress, since it's mostly work-relatd shit i forget, and we go 100-miles-a-minute there. aahhhh!!! i write everything down, problem solved.

    otherwise, that's it.
  18. i was looking for my "im on drugs" post... and got lost...

    lol. i'm trippin' face!
  19. I can personally attest that it is possible to be a long term marijuana smoker and maintain one's intelligence. My mother has been smoking for over thirty years and is one of the most intelligent people I know. Also, I am a student at an Ivy League college and smoke a lot of pot, along with about a half dozen of my close friends. We are pretty serious stoners by almost anyone's standards and we are all doing quite well academically. Just like anything else, smoking and doing well in school takes balance but is possible. Anyway, I have seen a study that linked decreased memory capabilities to marijuana use, but they were dealing with people who had smoked daily for at least five years. Even then, the research seems pretty inconclusive. One thing that does bother me is that it has been shown that for about thirty days after you smoke you have somewhat diminished memory and cognitive abilities. So, unless you were to take a break for an entire month it would be really hard to accurately judge whether or not you felt like you were less intelligent as a smoker... just my thoughts. What do you guys think.?

    P.S. The best part about coming from Cali to Connecticut for school has to be looking at snow when you're stoned.
  20. i've taken breaks for longer than 30 days... no diminished intelligence that i'm aware of... but i haven't been a daily toker for 5 years, so take that however you will :D

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