Marijuanaman, a comicbook by Ziggy Marley

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  1. Has anyone read it?

    From a review on aintitcool dot com.

    "This is a story that reggae fanatics who may not indulge deep into the comics realm will enjoy. I'm versed in the musical styling of Bob Marley and it's endearing to see many reminiscences to Bob's music and the Rasta culture in general. It reads and feels like a battle hymn for the legalization of the sweetleaf, but I recommend reading this special blend of reggae culture meets uber comic fun sans reefer if for the first time [only]. Marijuanaman hails from the planet Yelram (an anagram of “Marley”). Yelram‘s people are an advanced, progressive people. Instead of DNA, they have THC. When their supply of Ganja gets diminished, they send Marijuanaman to Earth. Marijuanaman‘s alter ego Sedona is welcomed by a community of progressive, some may say hippie-like people that grow ganja. Greedy extortionists prefer to sell an artificial substitute called Ganjarex instead of allowing the use of natural herb, pitting the peaceful community of Exodus against a violent corporation named Pharma-Con. He is easily my new favorite superhero."

    It's available on amazon. What do you guys think?

  2. I want to read it... sounds really awesome! nice artwork too
    His new album Wild & Free coming soon aswell :]

    [ame=]YouTube - Ziggy Marley speaks on Marijuana Man[/ame]

  3. 420 light years from Earth. lol.

    Thanks for the links.

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