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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iseesmurfs420, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Im sitting here just chillin with chips & salsa wats up homies..
  2. well, since you asked...."wats up homies.."

    im just sittin chillin, doing laundry an waitin for the next child to throw up
    *two days ago, "one child i feel sick,other child "your lyin an just don wanna go to school", sick, child then coughs in other childs face, not sick yet child then spits on him..."sick child spits back" (they are so freakin gross).now today 3 sick chilren, and the origional "sickasses cougher spitter, says "see i told ya i was sick"

    chips an salsa eh?.......sounds


  3. niiiiccccceeee lol ;)

    I feel for yea

    I'm just sitting here all baked, just got back from Master and Commander... damn good movie if you ask me, def. worth going to see
  4. i just shoveld to much snow... glad iu had some friends to help me out... ahhh valium and blackberry brandy to keep me warm and give me comapny.....

    gotta love the warm drunkenness snow cold feeling...mmmmmmmmm
  5. I just read my post sober and it doesnt really make sense. Lol
  6. I just had some hot chocolate and candy canes :D

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