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  1. You know, our law enforcement officers have better things to do than go after people who smoke and grow marijuana. Yeah, I know that they really say they want the sellers but if it were legal then there wouldn't be a problem with that.

    There are kids out there missing who might be found if the cops were spending the time looking for these children instead of plants. Imagine the manpower available for what they really need to be doing. Good people are in jail for possession of a plant while murderers are out living life. It really isn't fair to anyone.

    I would like to believe that the people who choose to become officers of the law know that there are far more serious crimes out there that need to be solved and investigated and prevented and that a plant is just that-a plant. These people surely know that marijuana isn't the big bad drug that the government has made it out to be. The government banned marijuana in 1937 for various insane reasons that can be found at this It has all been blown completely out of proportion and we all need to stand up and say we have had enough. It isn't fair that we are classified as criminals because of marijuana.

    Marijuana has been proven repeatedly to help those who are ill and is safer than pharmaceutics. It is illegal and shouldn't be. The government does not want us to be self-sufficient and if people can feel better and live better lives by growing a plant in their garden then that takes the money away from the big drug companies and therefore, from the government.

    I just want to go and wake these people up. I want to get everyone high so that they will open their eyes to the reality of marijuana.

    Thanks for reading. I am just aggravated at our government right now. ;)

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  2. I couldnt have said that better myself! I feel exactly the same way, a plant being illegal, it is totally ridiculous. When will our country come to realize how valuable this plant can be, if utilized in every possible way, the USA would benefit greatly. Stop the nonsense, LEGALIZE!!

  3. We have been letting them take away our rights one by one but I truly believe that we can change things if done in a group effort. It took me quite some time to see my country's government for what it really is. Now that I have, I will not waste the resources that I have to change things. I can vote, start petitions, voice my opinions, lead people to the truth and inform the uninformed and open the eyes of the misinformed.

    We all can do this. We are all powerful in our own ways and can pull this off. Maybe in the past, people just had their dreams of how it should be. I say we turn the dreams into reality.

    It is always worth a try!

    Peace! ;)
  4. Man, that really sux. You know, all about money$$$$$$$$$$$. They just want their money from the drug companies. Fuck that shit. That prolly is their major reason. And what's up with fucking idiots thinking law enforcment and DEA peeps are expets on the sweet cheeba? It just sux.
  5. um, yah, hello. ever heard of "powers that be"? its in the bible. to me its a sign that we have leaders that god accepts. who are e to resist. i say just avoid them if you dont like them. im going to smoke but i use it for medicine (but beinghigh feels great!). i think if weed was supposed to be legal it would be.
  6. yeah it does suck that our government is so anti-pot. Wasting tons of our tax money on trying/failing to prohibit maryjane. I wonder exactly how that thought process started for law enforcement...( instead of chasing bankrobbers, murderers and real criminals lets focus a ton of our resources on those damn evil pot heads). Yeah sucks, wish we were more like amsterdam, then maybe we could go to starbucks to get some mj.
  7. i just smoke medical bud at home and its chill. :)

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