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    So I had some time to lay in bed, relax, and ponder about far out ideas and happenings. I was thinking about my beliefs and realized that throughout my life, I have never held on to a single solid religious belief. It's hard to explain but I feel as if none of them suit me or call to me.  I wouldn't say I'm athiest or agnostic, I am just in a state of irreligion.
    And then I got thinking even deeper. I realized that Cannabis and Mary Jane seem to envoke peace within me that I have never felt or connected to before. Not because I smoke it but because whenever I hear the various names I get a sense of peace within my mind and always comes to me at the right time and place. 
    Do you think it's wrong to have a belief in this plant, kind of like a sacred sacrement but not have religious belief in anything else. It's like I feel like Im going the right way when I smoke weed and think peaceful thoughts. 
    I know it's unconventional, but, would you count this as some form of religion since it doesn't fall under anything I've read about.
    I think it does at least.


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  2. You can believe whatever you like
    At least if you worship cannabis you're worshipping something real  :smoking:
  3. Well I really just clicked on this cause I've seen it for a while and noticed you had one reply and I hate when I go thru the effort to post and get no response. So with that said I know throughout history humans have worshipped many object animals and so on. I look at it like this I would rather worship ms. Mary then a cow or something of that nature. I think we all find value in something and give it some form of worship. I don't know that I would label it under a religion so to say but if that's the status you hold it to awesome.
  4. There is a difference between religion and spirituality!

    You don't have to make weed into a religious thing but can still find it to be spiritually engaging.

    Or you can make a weed religion. The choice is yours.
  5. Religion, spirituality, and philosophy are all pretty much one in the same. 
    (oh, IMO I guess before some angry atheist comes after me)
  6. and on the 3rd day christ rose again, dispensed joints to his disciples and said 'smoke this, all of's pretty dank shit from my dad'.
    kingdom without end, forever and ever, amen.
  7. I don't worship weed but I do worship Him who gave it to us.
  8. You call it worship, I call it appreciation
    You call it religion, I say spirituality

    It is in the eye of the beholder. Live life and respect all life, those are the two absolutes in my life. Peace and love brother.

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  9. yeah I was wary on the word usuage and that was the closest I could think of, you know?
  10. I worship the psychedelic experience. :love:
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