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Marijuana withdrawl symptom?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ursak, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Hello! I have been experiencing trouble taking deep breaths these past several days. I also happened to quit smoking weed almost a week ago as well(smoked for a few months daily). I am wondering if this is a withdrawl symptom of smoking and whether or not I should be worried. How long does this typically last? I'm 21, athletic, and have no medical problems whatsoever.
  2. You're probably just feeling the effects on your body smoking has had, without being inebriated/intoxicated.
    When you use weed, the analgesic properties remain in play even while you're not using it...but if you stop, so will they. It's probably just that you haven't noticed before, or you've always just attributed it to "because I'm smoking". Your lungs are just able to feel again is all.

    I'd suggest if you want to continue use, given your lifestyle, that you consider edibles and vapourising as an alternative to smoking.
  3. Thank you for the response! I have been doing some research and am starting to believe the tightness in my chest is due to anxiety. Most likely from the idea of giving up weed all together. It is sad to see how dependant my body has grown towards it. My anxiety only grows worse as I begin to believe I will never be relieved of this curse without weed in my system. Do you agree?
  4. I think you're overthinking it...which can lead to an anxiety response.
    If you didn't have anxiety prior to use that was alleviated when you used it...then (while yes, it can develop over time) I'd say it wouldn't necessarily be, at least solely from, stopping weed - that, and usually anxiety etc isn't limited to just the right feeling int he chest.
    You're not dependent on it. It's just a habit your body has grown accustomed to.
    Drink more water, work yourself to exhaustion or go for a long walk/jog to shake these feelings off.
    Keep at it for a couple weeks.

    What was your motivation in quitting, if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Thank you for the quick response! I work as an apprentice electrician and get drug tested a few times a year depending on where I am sent off to work. As an apprentice, I get to do most of the hard work that my seniors dislike. It can be very rough, especially on those hot and humid days. I have taken off most of this past week because I don't feel I can put myself back out there. With the heat and the hard labor, I very well may pass out due to not being able to catch a deep breath.
    This is all stressing me out because I want to return, but I have no idea when this tightness on my chest will alleviate itself. I have completely changed my diet eating healthy and drinking only water. I have not left my apartment much because it is very humid out and have also refrained from working out. I am able to sleep through the night without trouble, but during the day it is torture.
  6. If one is taking medicines, smokes nicotine, drinks alcohol, or is a heavy caffeine user, it could complicate withdrawal. Consuming THC unbalances neurochemicals in the body that take days to weeks to return to a natural balance.
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  7. Oddly, the NSAID Celebrex can ease symptoms of withdrawal because Celebrex targets the same receptors that are affected by THC. Additionally, taking a CBD supplement orally can also help.
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  8. Do you think ibruprofen would work?
  9. I can almost guarantee you that feeling is anxiety, be careful about maybe getting a panic attack as this exact situation has happened to me before when i quit. id recommend drinking some Chamomile tea before bed to calm you down.
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