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marijuana withdrawal when to smoke again and how often?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Brewce, Aug 16, 2012.

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    First of all im not here to argue whether marijuana withdrawal exists or not, or whether its all in my head or anything like that. I understand that weed makes everything better and obviously not having weed is just gunna make me feel bad especially when i abuse it as much as i have, I would still call it a withdrawal tho. I had vaped with my MFLB almost everyday all day for about 3 months or so, top shelf sativa bud and stopped about 7 days ago. I experienced all of the normal withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, vivid dreams, sweating, and some nausea. It wasn't horrible besides the first couple days, but i would like to try to prevent this from happening again. Was wondering if anyone else out there has gone through the same thing and started smoking again? need to know how to pace myself so i don't get these symptoms again. Or if there are any tapering off methods that help if i ever get this again. It appears that only 10% of ppl get these withdrawals, so once again if you don't get them please don't just reply saying they don't exist. any help is much appreciated
  2. I've never personally had withdrawals like that, but of course, you don't go from smoking weed to not smoking weed.

    I suggest next time, before taking a break or quitting on the dime, try to take a few less vapes each day, until you just stop.
  3. thanks for the reply, i knew i should have done that. With all the research i did though nobody really recommended it, was mostly "stop immediately! you are addicted" bullshit like that, that i kind of bought into. The weird thing is though ive never really had the urge to smoke after all of this. Right when i stopped smoking i would feel the symptoms without really ever thinking about weed. Thats why I believe its just not all in my head. Weed just makes these symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, vivid dreaming, and nausea completely non existent which is why it is so great for treating people with problems in these areas. Its a great medicine :) i just abused it and had to get back in touch with reality :/
  4. I stopped for awhile because of moving out of state and not having connections.

    Well I decided to move back to my recent state and im currently smoking now since july 2nd. I've had the same exact thing your going through.

    When i quit i would wake up covered in sweat. My shirt, my bed sheets would all be soaking wet in sweat. Its because i smoked heavily for 2 years straight and then ran out due to no connections, no friends basically started over completely in a new city. So i was realizing that my dreams were in depth more, more intense more creative. I don't really have dreams when i smoke i just kind of black out from smoking like an alcoholic but way different. But its kind of cool we have the same experience.

    Just a tip, we should not smoke large amounts. Just a hit or two but i seem to over do my limits. Smoking also makes me lose weight, i dont get hungry.

  5. I've never heard of anyone who had such intense withdrawal symptoms as you described (I consider anxiety, insomnia, etc. a bit intense). I already have anxiety and insomnia as it is, so weed helps me with it. I feel fine when I stop smoking, but of course these problems do re-occur.
  6. yea i was just incredibly dumb i would have my vape in my hand all day then at night take hits every second till i passed out
  7. You don't like vivid dreams?
  8. Be happy you can smoke weed. Think of all the people out there who want to get high,but cant!

    Let it enhance your life, not make you question your mental well being
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    Instead of quitting, maybe try a strain that's a little less intense?
    Vaping, is also pretty powerful you may even want to try some other tools like pipes and bongs out.
    Honestly, I don't get high on weed. I see things in a new perspective so it's hard to hear somebody say they had to come back into reality from smoking weed.
    3 Months isn't very long at all, infact I'd say you just started and everything is a little intense for you still probably and you haven't gotten used to the euphoric feeling yet, give it some time and I promise you'll be able to function completely and be in tune with all of your surroundings in perfect harmony.

    In the end, it's your choice though so do what makes you happy.
    If you're really looking to break the mindset habbit then just back yourself off it slowly.
  10. Yeah man i got withdrawals when i took my break all i know is if you smoke just for fun you wont get withdrawals maybe just that hazy feeling for 2 days and thats it... but if you smoke to numb your problems issues etc everyday then stop you will have developed a psychological dependency and will get bad withdrawals.

  11. yes you did abuse it man and probably got a reallly high tolerance aswell which is why you smoked so much because you prob wherent getting high like you used to honestly man when i get to my peak high i do not feel like smoking anymore cause i know i cant get any higher than i am but i will smoke another bowl 3 hours later when i start to feel that my high is wearing off to prolong my high.
  12. nah the vivid dreams are tite, last night i saw public enemy live on a soccer field:hello: just an unusual symptom
  13. i went 10days sober and i felt like i was going crazy the for 5 days. lol it wasnt a withdrawl i was just pissed at everything , ive heard of people having problems wen going sober for long periods of time. but its weed man not crack try to relax, you sound like a drugie lol

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