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Marijuana will Kill you

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SkImmIngdaSky, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. If that's not sarcasm then... LOL
  2. sorry bro, but that article is a joke.. look harder.
  3. haha... the article is fun.
    very nice - it just jokes about the stupidity of people arguing contra mariuhana, that are only able to use invalid reasons and wrong data^^
  4. "The odds are very likely that you will hit a young girl on her bicycle if you smoke marijuana."


  5. That's from a dave chappelle sketch if I remember correctly
  6. That was a fantastic laugh fest. Thank you for that.:D
  7. I lol'd. That is WAY too bias to be real. But if it is, I feel sorry for the guy.
  8. I could tell the author is bein sarcastic when I read the part about hitting a girl on a bike in the drive through. That was a sketch on Chappelle's show where they made a mock anti marijuana ad. There were the 3 dudes from Half Baked in the drive through with munchies and as they pull out, they hit a little girl on a bike. Then it says, "Don't smoke marijuana, you could ride your bike right out into the street and get hit by a car", or something like that. LOL!
  9. I really hope whoever wrote that was joking. It almost made me puke my balls up lol
  10. Can anyone find that clip on youtube? I can't find it and I wanna watch it bad =(
  11. It was a commercial before that.

  12. yeh dude thats a real commericail
  13. I posted a comment as The Truth!
  14. AHAHA!! That's funny as fuck! Thanks man.
  15. What's sad is that although the author of that article might have been being satirical, many people sincerly believe the same stuff as fact.

    It's a shame, really.
  16. wow rofl! :bongin:
  17. hes using "marijana smoking hippie" as an insult, lmfao
    idk about anyone else, but i'de proudly wear that title.
  18. WTF thats the most retarded shit i've ever heard of.
    Most weed users are getting good grades in school and have normal lives.

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