Marijuana Vs. Alcohol

Discussion in 'General' started by chris1093, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. My friend constantly tells me that alcohol is better for your body than weed. I personally don't think this is true. What are some good points I can make against it. Its really just a casual argument we have sometimes.
  2. What's the point? Your friend has a thought in his head, and I doubt your info will change that.

    It's been proven that Cannabis (don't call it marijuana, its cannabis from now on OK?), is FAR safer than alcohol, in fact, I urge you to find ANYTHING less dangerous than cannabis.
  3. Thousands die from alcohol every year. No one dies from weed.
  4. 150,000 people die every year from alcohol
    0 Die from cannabis.

  5. guys, I think he means health wise, not statistically how many deaths happen yearly. I don't know much about comparing alcohol to cannabis, but I do know that drinking kills brain cells, cannbis smoking does not (well not a substancial amount I beleive).

  6. I would think life/death is a matter of your health....
  7. ^^


    Alcohol is a poison...marijuana is a plant.

    Plain and simple.
  8. read my sig, bob marley knows alll....... :smoking:
  9. Cannabis has no long term damage..hell any short term your body at all.

    Where heavy to moderate drinking can effect your liver, kidneys, and some researchers have discovered it affects your sex life..that could explain why america has an increasing problem with male erectile disfunction..
  10. Well according to recent studies, dying is bad for your health .
  11. alcohol is a poison, you drink to much of it , and you die.
    alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver ,and brain cell damage. Also look at the social impact it can have, you become an alcoholic and that causes family problems, also there's drunk driving.
    The only noted negitive effects of cannabis are minor respritory damage in heavy smokers(which could be solved by vaporizing).
  12. I think the best way to look at is as a couple people said: the body rejects alcohol as a poison, but does not with mj.

    Don't just leave it as that though, learn about both and give some solid scientific logic. I would look up the mechanism of alcohol metabolism and learn how the body basically works as quickly as it can to change it into other substances. Then look up the mechanism of THC uptake and how the brain has natural receptors for cannabinoids.

    Plus, don't sweat it if he won't come around. The majority of people in this world look down on weed because of the way its always been portrayed.

  13. Fucking lol. I heard dying can actually kill you.
  14. "If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life." \t\t \t\t -Brooke Shields
  15. Yeah I heard it did but I wasn't sure if it was true or not lol

    My mom died from alcohol, cirrhosis of the liver. That's prolly why I don't drink and I've never really felt the need to drink either.

    I also have a friend who thinks alcohol is wayyy safer than weed and I try to tell him the facts and truths and he just doesn't listen and makes up stupid bullshit because he is closed minded and brainwashed by all that propaganda. It kinda pisses me off that he actually believes this shit the government spews out of its ass.

    As for facts, I know it damages a lot of organs like liver, kidneys, brain, etc. but I don't know anything else really
  16. i took a class last semester bout drugs and physiology... marijuana is much healthier than alcohol

    however, he may have the point that some evidence supports drinking a small amount of red wine will have positive cardio-vascular effects

    alcy is highly addictive, mj isnt

    But...MJ will fry your brain and lungs and cause you do do meth, heroin, and coke... j/k
  17. Tell him to meet a heavy alcoholic and a heavy pot-head. He'll get the picture...:cool:
  18. Poison ivy is also a plant but you wouldnt go around eating it now, would you?

    But I get your point.

  19. If eating poison ivy would get you high as shit, people would eat it too.

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