Marijuana Vs Alcohol on CNN.

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    Anyone else just see this on CNN? Made me rage!

    [ame=""]YouTube- Will This President Legalize Cannabis ?[/ame]
  2. was it good or bad... i can only assume it was a terrible display of lies....
  3. yeah i saw it... the former drug czar flat out said that legalization is a stupid idea
  4. CNN is restarted. all of the anchors on that network have sticks of their asses.
  5. - They agree that Alcohol is worse but believe we should regulate it better instead of legalization of Cannabis

    - Talked about the number of deaths per year because of drugs but fails to state the main fact that Cannabis has kill ratio of 0.

    - Said the "War on Drugs" actuall is working, Saying: "In the 80's 24 million people used drugs, Now the number is down to 11 million." How about all the other people who are prescribed medication and they just abuse it? Along with many other facts

    -Used the example of "This is your brain on drugs".

    - Drug czar said: "President Obama full supports the strategy we have shown him"

    - We should be teaching our children the real facts and morals.
  6. ugh, sickening. Man even Bill O'Reily got it right a few days ago with the whole missouri raid. fuck this game called government.
  7. he said that its back up to 20 million
  8. how do they get these numbers, if its illegal not everyone is going to admit to using.

  9. They make shit up to make it seem their facts seem legit.

    100% of current cannabis users are alive, See? I just made a fact.
  10. fuck yes they make it up. those numbers mean shit.

  11. and 80% cough when they take a hit, damn we are on a roll here!:hello:
  12. It pisses me off, too, but I think the biggest thing we need to realize is that these news channels are going to air the stories that make the majority of their audience happy. Most of them are probably fluff stories that don't require a lot of thought or examination of the way things are...they just reinforce the way things are. It's all about the comfort zone...God forbid anything change, b/c it's "scary" and unfamiliar. In this case, I'm sure most of the people watching are anti-cannabis, so they aired a story that supported that view. The media has stopped being unbiased and is pandering to the majority now, IMHO. The best thing we can do is education through grass roots activism, if you ask me.
  13. When I was stoned, I used to find CNN pretty damn interesting.
  14. Fuck CNN, Fuck the government, fuck yeah to Marijuana. :)

  15. 95% of statistics are bullshit
    its still rolling lol
  16. News stations only report 26% actual news ; 70% opinion ; and only 4% is worth watching.

    In summation, the news media is 96% bullshit.
  17. well, i learned a long time ago that what i see on TV news is mostly propaganda. That's why I got rid of cable. Reality TV is the best drug the government can give us. Is your life pathetic enough that you have to actually watch someone else's pathetic life? It's very sad. When the public is glued to the TV every night and addicted to TV, they aren't out causing trouble for the government, are they?
  18. Legalization is stupid. Why let the government make profit on Marijuana when they've been holding us down?
    Decriminalize! Let the dealers continue to profit, and make it so you get caught you don't go to jail.
  19. Legalization = cheaper weed

  20. Haha, when you study statistics, you realized just how flawed it is, but hell, its closest thing we got.

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