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  1. Two nights ago I tried edibles for the first time.. it was actually my first time with weed ever. I'm a girl about 110lbs & I hadn't eaten since 2 or 3pm, and I had a firecracker (graham cracker with peanut butter) about 9pm that the guys said was "weak" because it was .2 , but I got so fucked up. They say I might have reacted bad because I went into it scared, which I did, I've always been kind of a pussy with "drugs" n shit. Anyway, it hit me like an hour later and I thought everything was so fucking funny all of a sudden. I felt dizzy and I kept leaning and was told my head was moving in circles LOL. Something would happen and I would keep laughing because since I could only focus on one thing, I would focus soooo hard on it I would just keep laughing. Then I felt all self-conscious and I'd try SO hard to stop but in order to do that I'd have to stare at something in order to focus simply on NOT laughing. Then I'd picture myself zoning like a stereotypical stoner and that'd make me laugh all over again. Eventually I was so scared I couldn't control myself that I just wanted to cry. So every time I'd laugh I'd want to cry at the same time... it was so dumb. I kept telling the kid next to me to "knock me out" if I got annoying hahahaha. Then I had to pee and I could hardly walk away to do it. We were outside at a bonfire and I stumbled away like a drunk behind a bush. I undid my belt and my subconscious kept telling me no, not here. I had someone hold my hand and walk me to the bathroom inside instead. It just kept going downhill. I would mildly hallucinate.. I saw worms in the fire and I felt paranoid about everything. I imagined that everyone was staring at me and everyone was judging me and all I wanted to do was fall asleep and wake up normal again. The rest of the night was extremely hazy. I remember my boyfriend showing up and I couldn't stop staring at him because I just needed the familiar face. I would want to tell him but every time I'd have the thought in my head I would try to explain it and I simply wasn't coherent. My body wasn't in tune with my mind. I wanted to say I wanted to go home but I didn't trust myself to speak much less stand. Eventually he drove my car home for me and I managed to get past my mom without her suspecting anything which I swear to God was a miracle because I could hardly walk by myself. I passed out that night and didn't dream. I got up for work in the morning at 10am and I'm pretty damn sure I was still high. I could function but I was still dazed and I questioned literally every little thing I did wondering if it was normal. Like "would I do this any other day..?" I felt like EVERYTHING moved at a sloth-like speed but next thing I knew I looked at the clock and it was 1pm and I felt normal again. 
    Overall I did not enjoy this experience. But I probably went about it the wrong way.
    Basically, some things I learned for first timers:
    1. First time with weed, don't do edibles. Try smoking or vaporizing or whatever because edibles hit you hard.
    2. Wait a little over an hour for it to hit you before assuming you aren't going to get high and taking more. 
    3. Make sure at least one person there you trust to have your back.
    4. Maybe try to be semi-secluded.. the bonfire I was at there was about 10 people and I felt insecure
    5. (perhaps most important) Do not go into it scared. Relax. 

  2. Well sounds like you got too baked and let your fear and paranoia take over. Honestly if you're scared of taking any drug there is a big chance you'll have a bad trip, i've seen it atleast 15 times. It's kinda normal to be overwhelmed your first time. My advice would be to try it again in a smaller dose in a comfortable setting. Try and eliminate any stressors from the situation and just remember what you feel is normal and you'll be fine in 8 hours. You can't die, go crazy, etc from weed so nothing to fear.
  3. Lol sounds like you need to learn to handle your shit. It's acceptable the first few times blazing but you gotta learn to control that stuff because it tends to irritate more experienced stoners.
  4. Just keep it together.

    It's a conscious decision for me to freak out. So when I get too high, I just shut up.

    Plus it took me smoking quite a few times to 1. Figure out how much I can smoke.

    2. Have the balls to tell people, nah. I'm good. Because guys will be like, come on. You're at a party. We're hanging out! It's cool. But no. Stand your ground.

    And 3. Then once I got good with how much I could smoke to be high, I got comfortable enough to push the limits and keep going and going so now I can be out of this universe stoned and still be cool and not annoying.

    Because believe me, annoying smokers are the ultimate buzz kill.
  5. Personally , smoking the herb hits me harder than eating it.

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