"Marijuana uses is too risky a choice"

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  1. Not sure if this has already posted. Mixes in the issues of the negatives for youth using marijuana along with the pressures of the costs of college and the impact of more complex mortgage products. I kind of wish the author had tied the three issues together way more gracefully, but whatever.

    But for the marijuana issue, basically a few arguments we've all seen:

    "There are many excellent reasons to avoid marijuana. Marijuana use damages brain development in young people. Heavy users become socially isolated and perform worse in school and at work. Marijuana smoke harms the lungs. A growing body of evidence suggests that marijuana can trigger psychotic symptoms that otherwise would have remained latent."

    "Marijuana use is too risky a choice"

  2. I take it the guy who wrote this article enjoys his booze, which is far worse for you than cannabis will ever be
  3. Typical prohibitionist and in the dark parent of teenagers. Says one paragraph about how weed is bad, then 4 on investment banking. Says he wants better laws to help people break drug abuse and not put them in prison but wants it more illegal and simple.

    I could have seen a point if his idea was that for teens under current laws Marijuana use is too risky for future success as I have almost thought the same way in the past but nope it was a lame status quoe against marijuana

  4. I always forget that point... not sure what his habits are, but you made me go back and look at the editor's note at the top: wrote books titled "Patriots", "Why Romney Lost" and was an assistant to Bush. Gives one a bit more perspective on the guy.

    Yeah, I guess these days we hope for more original thought, but it seems to be just a regurgitation of the common themes. I don't have a problem with getting teens (and parents) to realize the potential impact, but I'd rather hear HOW one might do that, not WHY.
  5. Whoa!! Already 3916 Comments at the bottom of that article. I guess a few people didn't buy his delivery either.
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    Bullshit. Research says marijuana could be one of many triggers of psychosis; other more common triggers include: college, death of a loved one, a stressful job.. but yeah.. that psychosis/mental illness will never pop up on it's own...

    Study Links Marijuana Psychosis With Genetic Variation | The Partnership at Drugfree.org

    ^This article (albeit from a less than reputable source) points to a genetic variation being responsible for marijuana-induced psychosis. Thus you need to have some sort of predisposition to mental illness in the first place.

    "A study published last year suggested marijuana may accelerate the onset of psychotic disorders in some young users."

    Accelerate. Not create. tl;dr - Guy from the article is either a stupid fuck or a deceptive one.

    Edit: I just noticed Frum was a special assistant to Bush, therefore he's both ^

  7. Yea, I read that one. Definitely more reasonable, and he hits on the point that people would no longer need to go to dealers that may (or may not) being trying to push harder drugs on them.

    A lot of pro-pot comments on the article, with the opposition really just seeming like the same 10-20 people typing nonsense over and over (i think they're called "trolls").

    Either way, it's good that this issue is getting more coverage.
  8. God, so sick of those a-holes, when are you gonna stop pretending MJ is bad. Every reason it was outlawed for has been refuted. I have hope though, the evidence is like a leaning mountain with a few idiots trying to push against it, eventually it will overwhelm them and it will be legal EVERYWHERE. Personally i cannot fucking wait, sick of this DT bullshit and all the stereotypes. Go Weed!!!
  9. I sat in traffic for an hour the other day. There were literally hundreds of cars just sitting idling. There I was trapped under a poisonous cloud of carbon monoxide, lead vapor, etc. It wasn't really a choice to "smoke" that stuff, but nevertheless, there I was inhaling it with every breath. I got a really bad headache from it -and have gotten that effect many times in the past.

    When I got home later and my headache subsided, I chose, in my own space, to inhale some sweet marijuana smoke....made the world seem okay for a minute.

    So, it's ironic to me, how these people can isolate one thing out of the many things that are forced upon us and then deduce that the one thing is the cause of some specific malady. I wonder what a study of people unwillingly inhaling carbon monoxide on a daily basis would show.
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    The author of this piece is bias. Bought and paid for by his pharmaceutical buddies. The last paragraph emphesises the "damage" he is so concerned about involving children. I first want an article on this:


    Pharmaceuticals = addiction

    Pot is nature's own. Finding the right strain for your needs is important. It's to be respected for it's power and awe. It's safe, natural and inspires us to live abundantly. It improves the quality of life.
    It's one of life's simple pleasures and must be freed!

    Ths author's real risky choice? Believing without questioning.

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