marijuana use in future

Discussion in 'General' started by austyn12, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. are we fucked if Mitt Romney wins? he hates everything to do with medical use even tho some people need it.
  2. We're fucked if Romney wins, period.

  3. great where is marijuana safe im not going risk years in jail so i dont feel sick.

  4. i might be crazy but it seems like hes tricking people so he can screw us over.
  5. The President really doesn't have as much say as people think, he is just a puppet for the billionaire corporations and lobbyists across the U.S.

  6. so were safe? i dont feel like getitng arresed for years for havin a oz(i buy a oz usaly since i can carry 9 i believe and i dotn want to waste gas money going every few weeks)
  7. If Romeny gets elected we have a lot more to worry about than getting stoned.
  8. As long as there are ignorant and stupid people in this world (which there are; especially in this country), they will pretty much do what the government wants them to do.

  9. yeah he isnt going to help us hes going to focus only on marijuana not the war or anything i don't get people that vote.

  10. i hate people like my parents that are so against it i mean i still love them but they are trying to say im crazy and need help and that im abusing it.
  11. It doesn't matter who is in office. The president is a spokes person, nothing more, nothing less. You'd think smokers wouldn't fall for the political propaganda yet 99% of you do.
  12. The president has a whole hell of a lot of influence on US citizens though.. I think that's reason enough to be worried about it.

  13. i honstly was too drunk in 6 grade to pay attention to this kind of stuff. igues your right my parents made me go with them to therapist tonight.ether that or get sent to hospital for sop sly being a danger to others and my therapist told me hes basically going fuck stoners lifes up.
  14. yea thats true
  15. Sigh. People not knowing how politics work is part of the reason this country will keep going to shit. Oh well. If you buy into the bullshit you do, and think your vote elects the president. Start looking at more important issues than you getting high :rolleyes:

  16. I'm not sure if this was even directed at me, but I know my vote for the president doesn't count for shit. Electoral colleges and all that jazz. That doesn't mean I should just not give a fuck what happens though.
  17. true but he seems like all he cares about is getting rid of marijuana in the states . I wouldn't mind as munch if he had better views on other things hes too worried about marijuana.
  18. Most stoners on this site ONLY talk about weed related issues. Someone could say "I'll make weed fully legal my first day in office, but you will all be slaves" and you guys would ride his cock into the sunset like ron paul.

  19. Yeah, I've noticed that. It's a bit worrisome that some people can have such one-track minds. :(
  20. Yeah I think there's a lot worse things that would happen under Romney, than just opposing cannabis and fighting to keep it 100% illegal. If you're that concerned about it, move to Canada, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, etc. There are a whole plethora of countries other than the US that are way more cannabis-friendly.

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