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Marijuana usage

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dopemissy, May 4, 2016.

  1. Why does my friend think there cool by smoking weed and goes around bragging about it to everyone?!? Because I've had experience smoking marijuana but I don't go around telling everyone. Can someondoes she do this!?!?!
  2. She won't admit it, but she is an attention whore.
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  3. LOL sounds like high school to me, OP. Even after graduating I still have some lower classes on my snapchat, and every time they post something weed related I smdh. Bragging about drugs and alcohol is "cool" for 16 year olds.

    Like, shit. If I posted a picture every time I lit up, all my friends would block me cuz I'd be filling up their feed lol.
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  4. Yeah my daughter doesn't smoke but she knows I do for arthritis among a few other things and she shows me snap chats and all sorts of childish things her classmates post.

    I tried to hide my pot usage when I was a kid. Even now I went on a camping trip with a bunch of guys and smoked discretely even though I have a card.

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