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  1. \t\t\t\tI am looking for a industrial trimmer to use in my garden.. Which will Automate our marijuana trimming process to increase its efficiency 6-7 times than the normal time. Could anybody help to find out the best industrial trimmer for mine.\t\t
  2. Wrong place, please delete your post. Try researching
  3. Revix,  re: "Wrong place, please delete your post. Try researching."
    What the fuck are you talking about? He is researching it dumb-ass. Don't be so proud at someone else's expense.
    See, now I am you...
    Flame the flamers!! 

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    In the medical news section I think not.
    If was researching he would just use the search button and see there are many threads on trim machines.

    Flame on.
  5. Yo dude chill tf out

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