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Marijuana To Raise Iq?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hdth, May 31, 2013.

  1. Can marijuana make you smarter?  There have been studies saying yes.  Why not jump to that conclusion *toke toke*.

  2. No it doesn't.
  3. what studies
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    Marijuana isn't also has it's cons, and one of those cons is memory loss. 
  5. thats all i need *toke toke*
  6. It depends on the person... :bongin:
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    That's a question that has been debated for years but it's rather what can Cannabis do to enhance your mind. It seems plausible that Cannabis use (Sativa) enhances artistic comprehension, integration of novel ideas, pattern recognition and holistic thinking but also it can also bring out analytical thinking as well. Let me describe these two thinking styles:
    It's also plausible that if you smoke mainly Sativa, it can make you question things that the average citizen would be too oblivious to find out. It also indulges hyper-priming which increase blood-flow to let your ideas run freely, it can make you be very reflective and introspective of your own sub-conscious, it can explore the deep inner consciousness of your mind which an average citizen doesn't do. Overall, if it's used as a tool rather than a crutch, it can make you much more enlightened and wiser in your decision making. 
    OP, you should learn more about the multiple intelligences theory.
  8. The use of cannabis might lead you to do things that will increase your intelligence, that would make it more of an indirect route to a higher IQ
    I don't see how that would make you any more smarter than you already might open your mind, but so does crystal meth.
    I suppose in a way, it could open your mind, but that doesn't mean it MADE you smarter, it just helped you realize how smart you really are.
    Reading books and learning lessons from other people in life, whether it be teachers, parents, or a friend or even some random old dude walking down the street, that's how you raise your IQ. 
    A drug may help you in that manner, but it won't do it for you. Your still going to have to go to work sober(most of the time), do school work sober(most of the time), handle life decisions and big life responsibilities HOPEFULLY sober, so if you want to raise your IQ, try doing it yourself instead of depending on the herb to help you. In the long run, that will only complicate things for a lot of people.
  10. it depends how you use it
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    To play devil's advocate: In which way does meth opens your cerebral cortex? Has there been scientific research conducted into this theory or is this just a hyper-bole? Cannabis is much of a mental stimulant without long-term negative side effects that hard drugs provoke, the negative effects of Cannabis only impair if the person has an undeveloped mind such as having internal conflict such as anxiety, depression, psychosis but if not then the person will have the time of their life. 
    Again, I'm just being subjective and breaking down into sub-groups rather than generalizing. Has other drugs been studied to increase analytic or holistic thinking besides psychedelics? Reading a book can enhance but not everybody question the material being given in front of them? Peer Review Journals have more of a advantage since it's reviewed by people in the science department. 
    The word drug is subjective, let's break it down: What properties found in the specific drug can lead to a greater increase in cognitive function? 
    Checkmate. I also study psychology as well. 
    Ahh yes, indeed buzz killington, you and your masters degree and what not, chip chip cheerio.
    Time to put another SHRIMP ON THE BARBAY!
    I don't play chess.
    Marijuana is a plant, meth is something that is made from a mix of different chemicals/substances, and those chemicals and substances have other chemicals inside of them. So no, I don't think meth itself was ever studied to find out if it enhances your IQ points. But I do know it helps you focus on things, and when you focus on things, you tend to learn more.
    I'm gonna stop though, because I already got like 11 other huge arguments on this damn forum to attend to, and I don't think a single one I will win. But I gotta give it my best!
  13. I hate arguing on forums, it's so stupid. This forum of all forums, too
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    LOL the chess part was purely satirical. Thanks for the recommendation but don't see how a degree makes one intelligent than one another, a degree in the real world just proves how diligent and motivated the person was to acquire it. Buzz Killington? Nah you have mistaken me, a buzz-killington is a humorless dick, I'm far from that. It's just that this is a debate and part of debating is to challenging another person's view in place of a new one and seeing things from another perspective, there's nothing to get emotive about. This is a good thing though because it strengthens your train of thought, makes you much more effective in logic and plus you gain knowledge! 
    Marijuana is a drug just like others, you right that it is a plant but just not chemically altered like a hard drug is. I wasn't really attacking you, I was just playing devil's advocate. 
    This is what people who argue do:
    I'm way too chill and detached for emotional type of stuff. 
    Well, marijuana is USED as a drug. Whatever the exact definition of a drug is...but, a lot of things are used as drugs. We could say almost anything on this earth could be considered a drug.
    Bath salt anyone?
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    THIS, is what i was too lazy to point out

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