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Marijuana tincture w alcohol

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mjckmg, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Can a weed tincture made w alcohol have a negative effect on liver function? I was reading that organophosphates leach onto alcohol when heated, causing it to become a neurotoxin. I enjoy the tincture that I've made w ever clear but don't want to do damage if the tincture can be toxic. I use a little over 1 ml per dose. It works wonders for my muscle spasms, aches and pains. Anyone have any helpful info about this?
  2. Are you rubbing it on or drinking it.  1 ml. is not much either way.  What organophosphates are you worried about ingesting that you would not be ingesting is you took your medicine another way?
  3. Thanks for responding. Drinking it. Someone posted that it would be toxic because of the esters that form when u heat the alcohol and that becomes a neurotoxin. I don't know how true that is. Don't want to introduce that into my system. I was looking for an alternative to vaporizing.
  4. Lots of us take & make tinctures.  This post is the first I've seen here questioning the practice for the stated reason.  I've been trying to run a search on pubmed & really don't  see anything leaping off the screen that suggests it is a dumb idea.  If it is bad for us then it has taken a very long time to work it out.  Folks have been making tinctures almost as long as they have been making booze.
  5. If your worried about it make or buy some Kief, decarboxylate it first then dissolve it in as much or as little alcohol as you want to get the dose your looking for without heating the alcohol.  If you want to get away from the alcohol all together use a salad oil instead.  I like 1 or 2 gm. Hash oil or about 3 gm Kief in 10 to 12 ml of hemp seed oil, the dose is 2 or 3 drops.  Avocado oil is very nice for the purpose too.
  6. I've been researching it too for a couple of months and haven't found anything. Then earlier this week I saw a post after I ran a search that talked about it. Don't know how valid the statement was. I really appreciate ur response. I've been looking forward to talking to someone about this. When I make the tincture I decarb the green first. I know that coconut oil can absorb a lot because of its high fat content. Is avocado oil better to use? What ratio of oil to green would u use to make it potent enough? In the past it seemed like 1/8 of high quality buds to a stick of butter.
  7. Most of what I see is sugar leaf.  I have no concept of input Vs. yield.  I store my medicine in an eye dropper bottle under refrigeration.  Coconut oil is an excellent choice but will not work with a dropper when cold.  I'm on a weight loss diet and need to keep strict control of my fat intake.  Avocado oil is just another good healthy choice that doesn't change to a solid in the fridge.  Hemp seed, Flax seed Olive oil any thing you can eat works but it helps if it tastes Ok to you.  They all have the same carrying capacity for hash oil.

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