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Marijuana tincture & drug tests

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. So I haven't smoked for a few months. But, I have used marijuana tincture about 3 weeks ago. I'm tall and skinny as fuck. Only used the tincture once. Just wondering if this is any different than when you smoke? I'm not sure if the tincture stays in your system longer or goes away faster? I gotta drug test coming up next week. Thanks everyone. :wave:
  2. Tincture as in a concentrate? (hash)

    But you should be fine if it's a urine test, THC is THC it'll be out of your system in 3 weeks tops. :D
  3. Nope, its about the same (if the concentration and amount of the cannabanoids are roughly equal).

    Through smoking the cannabanoids enter your blood stream through the alveoli in your lungs, through using a tincture they enter your blood stream through the capillaries under your tongue, either way they still enter the blood stream and thus leave metabolites in your body such as 11-OH-THC and THC-COOH, roughly 20% of which is excreted through the urine.

    Essentially, cannabanoids are cannabanoids, and regardless of how they are administered they are still metabolized and excreted in the same fashion.

  4. My explanation was in a nutshell, thanks for explaining it more clearly :D
  5. Thank you guys for explaining it all. So you think i'm good. Skinny, haven't smoked in months, and used tincture once almost a month ago? Seems I should be good...
  6. Yeah, you'll be okay.

    There are so many factors that it's hard to guess exactly when someone is going to be clean, but based on what I've read it takes at least 30 days for an everyday smoker, but for people who consume cannabanoids very infrequently (like once or twice a month) I've heard everything from can test negative starting the following day to like 15 days, but this isn't certain. It is highly likely though that someone who doesn't smoke everyday has a much higher chance of getting clean quicker.

    Based on the information you've provided though, I'm pretty confident you'll pass.
  7. Have confidence that you are clean when you walk in so you don't appear to be nervous.

  8. I smoke only on the weekends but when I do smoke I smoke a lot. Would it still be gone in 30 days like an everyday smoker?

  9. This ^

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