Marijuana & the LORD

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  1. It's a tough question for anyone to answer. We put drugs into our bodies everyday such as tylenol, advil, flu shots, etc. Are they not sins because they are not illegal? We can't answer these questions. There is not always a black and white side with no in between. All we can do is put our faith in the lord and pray that he is a merciful, forgiving, and understanding savior.
  2. it all depends on your intentions to be honest, it is not wrong or sinful or wicked in itself at all. How could it be if it was made by God, and God said that everything made was originally good? It's a plant with strong medicinal properties when used responsibly. But it all depends on how it is used, and frankly, it gets a lot of bad press because of stupid people, gangs, and criminals associating with it because its illegal, and because it is illegal it just perpetuates that stereotype which is 100% BS and fake. But make it legal and medicinal and that whole cultural stigma will come crashing down because it will no longer be a crime, and there wont be anything cool about it, no money to be made selling it on the street, it'll be just another herb you can purchase at the health food store.

  3. Wrong.
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    I must say, I just looked through this entire thread, which I hadn't before my OP.

    I am *thoroughly* fucking confused.

    Edit; Must be because God is looking over this thread and telling my atheist ass to get out :eek:

  5. You NEVER know.
  6. I know that :p
  7. why is it that christians bodies are holy temples that we arent allowed to do anything with, or it's, i dunno, bad?? disrespectful to god...somehow.... but in many, many other religions and tribal cultures in is considered good to be adorned in rings and plates throughout the body, as well as tattoos and what not all... I am a raised protastant christian, but i truly believe, and as history will tell us, most of what was choosen to be included in the bible we so often reference in these sort of debates, was done by greedy corput catholic priests and bishops and all those who used to make the poor peasant folk come and pay to hear the scripture read outload to them, as the bible was not written in the common launguage, and the catholics are the ones who translated the bible back in the day, they made alot of that shit say what they wanted it to. just an opinion, and honestly no offense to any one, of any sort.
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    I think any belief is right provided you TRULY believe in it.

    It's one thing to be scared of the unknown and to hold up others' beliefs as if they would bandage your own fear, but it's truly another to have a belief in something you would die for because you have such faith in it being the right thing.
  9. the only belief worth having is the one you're willing to die for and kill as many infidels as you possibly can with

  10. Hmm... and what if the belief is that you don't kill?
  11. then you kill yourself for being a tool
  12. Just going from the OP here...

    Not getting into the whole sobriety issue...

    According to the Bible, we are to follow the laws of the country we abide in (this was made clear by Jesus paying his taxes, and also by some other scripture). If MJ is illegal where you live, then you are not to use MJ.

    Lots of Christians still honor the Sabbath, btw.

    You can't judge an entire religion based on the actions of the few. If you are to try to judge a religion, you must use it's "holy texts", and the fundamental beliefs of said religion.

    I used to be a hardcore Christian. Even went to Bible college. I found some serious doctrinal contradictions in the Bible, and have since renounced my faith. Fuck that shit. It's all a bunch of crap.
  13. I'll use Jesus Camp in every judgement I make, Cottons :p

    It's no holy text, but it's a damn good talking point :eek:

    Hendrix had religion down... I'll go with his ways.
  14. Oh my... How could I ever forget the joys of brain washing camp - er - Jeebus camp... *shudders*

    Such a shame that they can't even wait for the kid to be old enough to make his/her own decisions before trying to force religion on them. They do it while they're young and impressionable, and mommy & daddy's words are perfect truths... :(:mad:

    Haha, I wish I could have a public debate with the pope or some other high ranking Christian official. I'm fairly confident I'd tear them a new one, and make a LOT of people question the validity of their beliefs :devious:
  15. I have Christian friends and family that hastle me for my views on weed. I tell them that the Bible could not be more clear. MJ is NOT a sin.

    I tell them all ...If I put a seed in the ground God makes it grow. If ya got a problem with that, take it up with him!

    God gave mankind ever herb bearing seed for meat on the 2nd page of the Bible. Meat is to be consumed.

    God said that what you consume comes out naturally and is not sin.

    Ask yourself what is sin? evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies..all sins. Smoking... not a sin.

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    God also said (according to the Bible, anyway) to abide by the laws of your country - so long as they do not impose on the laws of the Bible. It is not a law in Scripture to consume every herb in existence, if that were the case, we'd all be fucked due to limited availability of some herbs...

    EDIT: Upon re-reading, I can see how some might miss my point.... Which is this: In the US, it's illegal to smoke pot - so as a Christian you are to abide by that law (according to scripture). Breaking that law = sin in the eyes of God - as it is not required by scripture that we use cannabis.

  17. Don't worry too much, maxrule will have to decide whether he sides with love or the nation-state soon enough.

    Then his position on this will be clear.
  18. Between the Inquisition and asking six year olds when they got saved, whats to be questioned? Everyone knows the damn sun revolves around the Earth, and that Dora The Explorer is the anti-christ in small, animated, kid-friendly South American form.

  19. ...But yet millions and millions of people believe a flying spaghetti monster will send them to heaven/hell depending on their actions here on earth.
  20. Im a believer in god... but i often think ofthe iconsistancies the bible has in it. I sometomes think that god was created out of fear and i know it is bad to think but honestly.

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