Marijuana & the LORD

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  1. What if what ifs mean nothing?

  2. Rational, if you're going to get arrested for it then you already know in your heart that what you are doing is wrong. Though an Herb Club card would negate that. Either way the United States president has good views on what to do with weed. :wave:
  3. If 'what if' means nothing then your statement means something.
  4. right, we can't afford to lose several major industries - their workers

    legalizing dank would be catastrophic economically

  5. [​IMG]

  6. Yeah, it would only bring us out of this modern day depression. :cool:
  7. hehe
    a world of equitable wealth, peace & prosperity, selfless action, sustainable infrastructure, would be beautiful

    ppl take comfort in excess and consequently waste thoh :(

  8. You are right.

  9. Who are these people you speak of?

  10. Though I am out of place by saying this. I just got back from smoking a bowl.

  11. Even He was arrested and placed on the cross.
  12. While, as a christian, I feel that smoking MAY be a sin, so are many other things. With so many denominations out there, don't the messages off the bible get confounded? Also, the books of the bible were written by different authors who inserted their subjectivity into their writings. Doesn't this make "sin" merely subjective? Is one sin worse than another?
  13. i suppose i'm just generalizing unfairly about the modern world. We buy things we dont need etc (fight club philo)

  14. Well, he also is placed on bumper stickers. Selfless-fulfilling prophecy?

    Paradox is apparent, but that doesn't make it real. And we don't need a hypothetical to say that much. ;)

  15. i'm thinkin along the same lines as you
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    If by the lord you specifically mean Jesus; Jesus was a healer, and he was missing out if he didn't use cannabis in any way.

    BTW, why is weed the devil's weed, anyway? Why not any other plant the Lord or the Lord's Old Man, depending on which you're talking about originally, supposedly put here?




    And so on...

    Why would cannabis be condemned and vilified any more or any less than Shrooms? Poppies? Tobacco?

    Tobacco's perfectly legal by the governments law, and I've never heard a Christian question the ethics of smoking it, only marijuana.

    Poppies have killed more people indirectly than Tobacco, I'm sure. Marijuana has killed... well... less.

    The alcohol we drink comes from plants... Christians, Catholics, I don't know the specifics; Wine is used to represent the blood of Christ.

    So... what's the big deal with weed?
  17. Yes!
  18. It is not right for the common man or woman to have direct access to the Divine, without a bureaucracy to manipulate, regulate, and water it down for them.
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    hence the necessity for aestheticism. Ordinaries would irresponsibly manifest the contents of their consciousness, most of which is meaningless garbage they expose themselves/are exposed to. Its imperative to have a blank, stable, consistent mind otherwise the result will be manipulation, regulation/repression, deception in the name of self-interest
  20. nonsense, you are a fraud.

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