Marijuana & the LORD

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    This question has been asked time and time again. Is it lawful for a man to smoke Cannabis? I'm not starting this topic for you to think you have the capability to decide. I simply want to start a discussion so that all can see what all think.

    First thing is first, do not type bible versus as if you know the true meaning of them. For it is said "Keep the Sabbath Holy" and yet many still go to work, eat, do laundry, etc. etc. etc. all while on the Sabbath.

    The word is for those of God to hear and accept, love your neighbor as yourself. This is the word of the LORD. So what of the herb?

    Second of all, you will say that the LORD commands you to keep a sober mind. Though you drink energy drinks and coffee and do not consider the mind altering affects of these substances.

    How is it then, that people who claim to be followers, claim that smoking herb is from the devil or against the word of God when they do not know Him?

  2. These are good questions. Although, it does seem you're framing this question for self-labeled Christians.
  3. Do you consider yourself to be a self-labeled Christian?

  4. Nope, hence I have nothing I can really contribute if that's the intended viewer. :(
  5. The world around you came to be as soon as what you know of your consciousness began. "History" before your perception never existed, it's just one of the parameters of the existence we're being subjected to. Every relationship and entity you interact with during this experiment is non-existent, another imaginary parameter of your existence.

    Of course, you, Smith420, are another part of the deceptive boundaries that my existence has been made to look like. You, in fact, don't exist. I am talking to myself. The impossible-to-comprehend scientist responsible for my experience, is writing away, noting that I am on to its little secret.
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  6. this is something that still confuses me to this day. i am a christian and i can find good reason to argue both ways. i think that being a christian thee days is a lot different than back in the bible times. these days everyone is so involved in a lot more things than back then. to be a christian during our times it woul,d almost be impossible to be as involved as back thn i think. for instance like smith 420 said when their job requires them to work on sunday, they will quickly just say "ok" and go, not even thinking about the sabbath day because going to work on sunday is almost an expected thing with the business of our world. and a lot of other things but im too lazy to type right now becaus ei smoked lol
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    absolutly, just watch a richard dawkins lecture.

    I have accepted Jesus as my savior, this is the essence of Christianity. Live with Compassion and surrender to that which created you, namely the earth.

    Humans can't be worthy of a gilf bestowed upon them such as life(due to their degeneracy), therfore it is said one should live in humility toward that which is greater than him/her. Causing disorder/choas/harm is counter-productive and therfore a sin.

    Logically, wine and buddha are in the same catagory as they both sprouted from the earth...and so did the Messiah

  8. Jakigi, it is sad that you have such little faith. :hello:

  9. Marijuana is a green herb of the earth, but if it is illegal then you must not smoke it. It is also unlawful for you to lay with another man or to do work on Sunday. :eek:

  10. Why would he write to you if he believed what he said? Actions and words, anyone?

  11. The intended viewer is anyone who simply knows Him who was sent by He. :smoke:

  12. You're babbling. 2,000 years isn't as long as most people would think. :eek:
  13. for me, i believe any religion is a guide to help you follow the right path. I feel that as long as you're content with yourself, and you're not harming yourself or anyone else with it (losing your job, getting arrested, etc) its okay.
  14. Word. :) Very rational perspective. But then again, should you be getting arrested for what you believe in?
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  16. not for that. the whole reason marijuana became illegal is a moral issue in itself, so just because i would get arrested for it doesnt mean GOD or any spiritual being you worship will see ill will in your heart/energy.

  17. Some would say it's moral and some would say it's financial. You be the judge.

    I digress yet again.

  18. What if he believes that believing is enough? :D

  19. It is a very complicated story. Essentially this:

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