Marijuana: The Biblical Forbidden Fruit

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  1. Now many people have told me im insane for believing this or even thinking something up like this, but I believe that Marijuana is the forbidden fruit stated in the bible.

    I believe that Eve didnt pick up an apple and get Adam to eat it. She picked a bud off the "Gods Fruit" and gave it to Adam to eat it, after Adam ingested the cannibus, he saw visions of another world (like a shamman) and when he came to it everything was clearer, he saw that they were both naked, and had to dress. The thing is, on most older paintings of Adam and Eve after they clothed themselves, if you look very closeley, the leafs covering Adam's genitelia and Eve's breasts and genetelia look like hemp leafs.

    Theres also a theory taht comes out of France, that Eve fell to the temptation of Marijuana and after poisoning Adam's mind with the "Forbideen Fruit" she went back to get more, and as she knelt down to pick a bud her knees were stained with dirt... also very visible on older paintings of Adam and Eve.

    Like I said these are my beliefes and partially my theories, the France-born theory actually comes from an article my uncle sent to me from Paris stating those facts.
  2. No, Eve did not pick up an apple. The Bible calls it a fruit. Cannabis is not a fruit. So... Yeah.

    I also love it when people take a few-hundred-year-old painting as a fact of something that supposedly happened 6000 years ago.

    I will tell you what happened! There was no Adam, and there was no Eve. No one ate a fruit and was cast out of paradise because of it. There was no god who made such foolish and petty rules for the beings he created. No, humans wrote a story and had to explain why a supposedly perfect god would and could allow us to live in the world we live in, so, we get a nice myth to explain something in the best possible way we could at the time. Which, when compared to what we know today, sounds as ridiculous as the story of Icarus. :)
  3. Cant rep you Liquid, I would if I could.
  4. adam and eve is a cute little story, i prefer peter pan as far as fairy tales go.

    if its a story to tell how people came to think, then i would guess its psychedelic mushrooms they ate. im prety sure pot cant just be ate from the plant, you have to heat it up to make it active... im sure someone on a marijuana forum could confirm or deny this.
  5. Very plausible, perhaps the bud was so potent that it acutually gave those visions, but through the years of cannabis being about, it losts it potency. So we no longer get those visions.
  6. It is not plausible at all. The Bible clearly calls it a fruit, Cannabis is clearly not a fruit. Unless, you are saying God does not know what a fruit actually is? I never thought I would see the day when Smigs called God ignorant, but look, here we are.
  7. Let me remind you, those are you words, not mine. I do not believe this but, i also believe some of the bible has been changed.
  8. if had never heard of the bible, and the book of Genesis was written on the back of a box of captain crunch, would you still believe that's why you exist?
  9. Where are the dinosaurs in the bible?
    Surely god created them too?
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  10. Who cares what the bible says. It was written for a different time, for a different people with a different agenda. In an age of ignorance, for ignorant people, furthering control by superstition.

    In short, in the sense it ever was valid, it isn't anymore. Get over it. Want to smoke weed, do it. Responsibly, like any other activity.

    To quote Homer Simpson browsing through the bible: "There is no answers in this!"
  11. I couldn't agree more.:D
  12. The bible and most religions cant even stand up to 60 seconds of logic by creating the fear of hell they could control people to use their set of morals by creating the solution if you dont "sin" you will go to heaven. Any expert on controlling people knows that fear is a powerful tool to change someone
  13. Thank You Denialz For That Link.... Thats One Of The Articles Taht My Uncle Sent Me From France... Now All Of You Are Bunched Up On The Word "fruit" Just To Let You Allllllll Know, Most Things In The Bible That Were Produced From The Earth Were Reffered To As "fruits Of Nature"
  14. Really? Then why does a search of the Bible using the term "fruits of nature" not show a single passage with that term in it?

    Seems to me that God does indeed know what a fruit is. "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed" <-- Cannabis. "and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed" <-- Fruit!

    God clearly called it the "Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil". Does cannabis grow on a tree? No, it does not. Would God make such a mistake? Well, if we go back to Genesis 1:29 we know he did not! In conclusion, cannabis is not the fruit mentioned in the Bible that aided in the fall of man. For further clarity...

    This is a tree, and this is...

    Not a tree.

  15. Your bible is defective, please return it for a refund... *beep*
  16. Mine is not the only Bible that is defective. ;)
  17. Appareently is... I come from a family of a Jewish Mother and a Christian Father.... so I have read both Torah and the Bible.

    Like I said in the beggining of this post, I really dont wanna hear negative opinions about what I believe in... I was just sharing my studies of my beliefs... I still am doing massive research on this subject, and will post info as I find it.
  18. The Torah = the first five books in the OT of the Bible. I also have read the Bible, as I was a Christian for many years. I am simply pointing out that your conclusion is incorrect, your statement about the "fruits of nature" is also incorrect. I have shown you this using both logic and the Bible you yourself subscribe to. Cannabis is not the "forbidden fruit" mentioned in Genesis. You and your uncle are wrong. Period. I am glad to hear that you are still doing research on the subject (it means that you will eventually reach the self evident conclusion that I have), though I do not know why that is exactly, since it is quite clear to anyone who has read the Bible, that what you are saying cannot be correct. No matter how much research you decide to do.

    If you believe me to be the one who is wrong, then show me that I am and I will be more than happy to recant. Though, do so without making stuff up please.
  19. LOL at this thread.

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