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Marijuana tea.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lexx2539, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. was gonna make firecrackers but i didnt have crackers so i made tea.
    i grinded up about 2 medium sized bowls and a resin ball and put it on top sugar and cream and boiled water, then put the boiled water onto the marijuana and sugar and cream and stired it.

    actually tasted really good, better than firecracker.

    still havent felt any effects yet.
  2. Did it taste minty or like weed, or even like tea? And how long ago was it, and how much tea did you make? (glass, pot full, etc...) and when you start to feel effects tell us, i feel like doing this!!
    Oh and does it smell at all in the kitchen?
  3. Lol. Would have been better of smoking it.

  4. it tasted yummy, minty with a mint of weed, it would have tasted better with honey, and i just made a glass full,( because it was my first time trying it)
    and it was about 10 min ago. and the effects are slowly moving in. it smell only a little bit but mostly smells sweet. well thats how mine tasted. lol

    These are the instructions i followed, but didnt put honey in and i put cream/butter. ( and i didnt use 2 grams of resin. lol)

    2 grams of resin
    hot water
    a tablespoon of honey
    2 teaspoons of sugar
    a half a pint glass
    1. cheese grate your resin up.
    2. put the grated resin, honey and sugar into a glass (while doing this boil some water in a kettle)
    3. once the kettle has boiled add the hot water to the glass and stir until the honey and sugar has gone.
    4. enjoy and let the tea take control (you can drink it hot or cold)
    Great to serve with a pot cookie or a hash brownie.

  5. i like trying new things. :hello:
  6. I'm not sure from your description, but it seems the THC went out with the boiling water. I'd be surprised if you feel anything. Then again, I haven't the slightest clue either.
  7. Are you feeling a high?
  8. The high is slowly comming, i could feel it, but right now i just feel relaxed and chilled out
  9. May be a placebo... You NEED heat to activate THC.

  10. isnt thats why i put in butter and boiling water?
  11. Thc is barely water soluable. Its fat soluable. You got about 3 % of the thc. Wasted about 97.

  12. Not hot enough.
  13. damn man, you should have read more about this before wasting your tree. water is awful for extracting thc, you needed to use milk. no way you even get high.
  14. When I use to grow I always use to throw a couple of leafs inside my tea, it adds a good taste.....

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