Marijuana tea.

Discussion in 'General' started by xCaseyCakes, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I know these threads are all over the place, but I just mixed some bud into boiling water with sugar and tetley tea. I took my pipe and cleaned all the ash out of it and dipped it in and the resin came oozing out. I'm drinking it now.

    Was that stupid of me? Will it get me high? Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
  2. idk about the resin.. but when i was younger i use to boil water and put about 10 grams of regs in with som sugar... drank the tea and ate the weed... i would get 10 hour body highs:wave:

  3. Just so u know, it works better when you you use milk instead of water
  4. Water is not solutable. You wasted your weed. So yes, you are stupid.
    Next time, use milk or alcohol (green dragon).
  5. Do you have oily water? Because if not you were just having a placebo high
  6. Yeah I mix my water with coconut oil.

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