Marijuana Tea Houses for the Ill Open in B.C.

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  1. By Roxanne Gregory, Canadian Press
    Source: Miami Herald

    The chronically ill who find marijuana gives them relief from their symptoms will be able to eat, drink or smoke their medicine in two new operations opened in the area.
    The Sunshine Coast Compassion Club opened about a week ago in this coastal community and earlier this week, the Marijuana Teahouse opened on Vancouver's gritty downtown eastside.

    The Gibsons club is operated by Lisa Kirkman, a former B.C. Marijuana Party candidate in the last provincial election, and Renee Boje, a U.S. fugitive currently appealing an extradition order for a 1997 medicinal marijuana bust in California.

    Canada gave the green light to medicinal marijuana use in July, but Kirkman said the bureaucratic approvals process is slow, and even when a medical marijuana exemption is granted, people don't know where to get it.

    ``People shouldn't have to stand on a street corner to get their medicine,'' Kirkman said, adding that so far, the community -- including the mayor -- has been supportive.

    The club offers cannabis cookies, brownies, tinctures, salves, hashish and local organically grown medicinal marijuana.

    Kirkman said most compassion club members are over 50 and have disabling conditions including cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, glaucoma or multiple sclerosis.

    Some patients are bed-ridden and Boje and Kirkman make house calls when necessary.

    To be a member of the club, patients must provide proof of illness and pay a nominal fee to join.

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is evaluating the Gibson storefront operation.

    Police in Vancouver are also monitoring the Marijuana Teahouse. The teahouse doesn't have a permanent business license.

    Organizers expect most people who take pot will do so by working the drug into tea or butter. Only a minority will actually light up.

    ``We're not . . . going to be walking around with Jamaican-sized joints to impress the public about our smoking abilities,'' said Michael Maniotis, another director.

    ``That's not the purpose here. Eighty per cent of what's going on here as far as medicating will be through ingestion, which means eating it.''

    One prospective customer said he was looking forward to using the teahouse as a peaceful place to learn new ways, besides cigarettes, to take his pot.

    The customer, who called himself Mark, is a 37-year-old diagnosed with HIV.

    ``The benefit of something like this is exposure to people who have knowledge of using marijuana in spaghetti sauce and other things,'' he said. ``Smoking is not the best way. It's detrimental to your lungs.''

    Complete Title: Marijuana Tea Houses for the Ill Open in British Columbia

    Source: Miami Herald (FL)
    Author: Roxanne Gregory, Canadian Press
    Published: Thursday, November 1, 2001
    Copyright: 2001 The Miami Herald

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