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marijuana tar?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cmbr66, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. theres a commercial on tv that says 1 joint has as much tar and cancer causing cemicals as 4 cigs. it shows a kid taking out all the tobacco from 4 cigs and rolling it like a joint. is that true?
  2. no, it is the burning plant matter that causes damage, just with pot there are no man made chemicals if you to it rightso there is little harm there. i suppose if your joint were the size of four cigarettes or a little bigger then it might be.
  3. what about the 0% that have died from marijuana. i know ppl die from throat cancer but ive never heard of ppl getting from marijuana. seems to be propaganda. ok it does have all that bad stuff in but it doesnt matter because nobody has died from it. damn they never back those commercials with FACT.
  4. shit.... i saw the same commercial..... i think they make that shit up 2 scare people so they dun smoke.......
  5. the commericals you see on tv are shit dont believe them they are trying to braiwash you
  6. tobacco causes cancer because its grown in highly radioactive soil.. the tar thing might be accurate though
  7. who pays for those commercials? how many people have died of marijuana usage/overdose? ask yourself that.

    and just in case: smoke organically grown! :D
  8. Facts:

    1.) Marijuana has more tar than Tobacco.

    2.) Marijuana does have carcinogens but there has never been a report of somebody getting cancer (or dying) from Marijuana intoxication.

    3.) Marijuana opens the air passage ways, allowing the lungs to clean out tar easier in less time, unlike the air passage way hardening chemicals present in Tobacco.
  9. I'm not disputing anything but I've tried to find info on how much tar it contains and I can't find it. Where did you get your info on tar, Zeto?
  10. Ok, I went to several different sites but most were anti-drug so I don't buy what they say. I did find this site that has some very interesting information.

    Here's an excerpt from the page:

    Everyone knows burning anything produces carcinogens in the tar. It seems natural to assume that the presence of carcinogens automatically means cancer.

    But cancer is, in reality, a complex process that relies on a chain of events. One necessary event in the lung cancer process is for the carcinogen to be metabolized by an enzyme -- called the carcinogen-metabolizing enzyme -- so that it can get into the cell nucleus and interrupt the reproduction of the cell and make it malignant. This enzyme attaches to carcinogens to help them cause cancer.

    The THC in the marijuana tar appears to produce more of this enzyme, but at the same time the THC blocks the activity of this enzyme so that it cannot attach to the carcinogens. The more THC in the pot, the more the THC blocks this enzyme from being able to work.

    So THC interrupts the process by which the carcinogens in the smoke cause the cancer. THC blocks the carcinogen-metabolizing enzyme. And that could solve the mystery of the missing dead pot heads, the ones they couldn't find in the Johns Hopkins study.

    Dr. Tashkin and his research team found that THC also inhibits the activity of the carcinogen-metabolizing enzyme when it is added to tobacco tar. That could explain why tobacco smokers who also smoked pot aren't turning up dead or dying in the statistics either.

    It irritates me that the British Lung Foundation can make such a big splash with their half-baked scare stories about the carcinogens, when the real interesting scientific story behind pot smoking and the missing dead pot heads is not going to be told.

    Is that because so many journalists today have stopped believing in facts, and have just accepted the job of printing a quote from one side and a quote from the other and calling it a day?

    Patricia Schwarz, California Institute of Technology Ph.D. 1998
  11. looks like its one of those things where they said its "bad" for you but doesnt really effect you in the long run.
  12. It's all bullshit like the commercial that says
    stacy bought a dimebag stacys supplier did this blah blah and then the supplier shot a little girl? over a dimebag of marijuana? please
    It's probably true about the tar tho but most people dont smoke weed all day besides 1 joint is 4 cigs thats nothin compared to some people who smoke a pack and a half a day.
    And wait a minute didnt an anti drug site once say "3 joints equals up to 1 pack of cigarettes"
    Ok well according to this commercial 1 joint equals to 4 cigs now there are 20 cigs in 1 pack correct me if im wrong but that's only 12 cigs
    fuckin liars
  13. Propaganda, my friend.
  14. fkin propoganda
  15. Yeah... see it aint even the country that don't want us to smoke weed... even tho its not taxed... blunts and rolling papers and all that bring in LOTS of money... specially when ppl like me smoke a few a day... after 4 months.. that adds up! And the tar thing.. that i can believe, but u know what, i smoke cigs too and they don't even get me high so i don't care.. i cough tar up anyway. And besides, weed is good. Life is short, if u can't have fun... whats the point of living at all?
  16. actually, i know the kid whos dad grows the tobacco for marlboro. hes the acutal kid who walks around and pours the Radium 226 on top of all the plants. its pretty crazy, whenever soemoen says that they know someone who died from lung cancer from cigarettes..he askes what kind of cigarettes they smoked and if it was marlboro..he apoligizies.. crazy huH?
  17. I can't remember where i got this from but its still one of my favorite erb titbits... As Proven by secret US gov testing in the mid 60s scientists discovered that the THC in Canabis actually destroyed Cancerous cells.

    the report was quickly brushed under the carpet for what i can only describe as ecconomic reasons.

    one day that kid will realise what he's doing and fill the can with water, one day. hehe.

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