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Marijuana tar vs cigarette tar

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Canadian Bud, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. How much tar is there in one joint compared to one cigarette? I've heard all types of numbers but have also read that the bud of a cannabis plant contains only 33% the amount of tar as a tobacco plant. Does this mean these comparisons are faulty because they are comparing the leaf of the cannabis plant to the leaf of the tobacco plant even though we smoke the bud?

    Sorry if that was confusing haha
  2. Cigarettes have a lot more chemicals than cannabis, including tar itself. Long time smokers cough up more tar than long time tokers for sure. I do both and I cough up gross shit all the time.
  3. I used to smoke a pack a day for about 2 years then I quit.

    Tobacco definitely made me cough EVERYDAY whereas marijuana makes me cough everyday from toking. :)
  4. Let me put it like this.
    Weed is good.
    Cigs are bad.

    Now you can live your life with this new found knowledge.
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    Because there is no filter in a joint there is a lot more tar then there is in a cig. Its not really about the tar content its how much is being inhaled when your talking about health. Regardless of this in the long run a cig will make you cough more.
  6. Well I am fucking high but I will try to explain this shit.

    Cannabis does not contain the extra shit that is thrown in cigarettes. Also cannibis is a bronchial dialator, while tobacco constricts them. This means that tar gets stuck in your lungs while you smoke cigs but the tar gets expelled when you smoke weed. Cannibis also is proven to contain things which slow the production of tumors in the lungs.

    Basically weed is one of the best things to smoke on this planet, and tobacco is one of the worst.
  7. That's true, but the only reason tobacco is the worst is because of cigarette companies. They put chemicals into cigarettes, and grow their tobacco with radioactive fertilizers. So it isn't really tobacco that's bad, it's cigarettes.
  8. No matter what anyone or anything ever informs you, cigarettes should not be smoked.

    Fucking disgusting pointless bullshit.
  9. I agree 100%
  10. i don't know about cigarettes, but there is a shitload of tar in weed. but yeah that sticky stuff is what makes it good. just don't hold the smoke in too long or that black shit covering the inside of your bong will stick in your lungs. :eek:
  11. 1 word- VAPORIZE!:hello:

  12. Obviously you're not cool or else you'd smoke cigarettes too

  13. hahaha that made me laugh + rep
  14. Would a bong remove all or most of the tar?
  15. US Surgeon General C Everett Koop stated on national television in 1990 that tobacco radiation is probably responsible for 90% of tobacco-related cancers.8 Dr RT Ravenholt, former director of World Health Surveys at the Centers for Disease Control, has stated that "Americans are exposed to far more radiation from tobacco smoke than from any other source.

    Theres a few source's but i copied and pasted it from here,
    Radioactive tobacco
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