Marijuana T-Break Dream Journal!

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  1. As I'm sure most of us know, one of the more interesting aspects of taking a t-break/having marijuana withdrawal is the extremely vivid dreaming. It's believed that this is because the brain is going through a process where it is reorganizing your subconscious after being suppressed by the weed (how true that is, I do not know). So anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to post your t-break dreams here and say what you think it represents in your life.

    T-Break: Day 4

    Dream: I had a dream that one of my teeth ended up being pulled out randomly while I was trying to suction out drool from my mouth. When I woke up, I had drool in mouth and had drooled it out onto my arm.

    Meaning: For the past few months, I haven't brushed my teeth at night before bed. I go to sleep worrying about how my teeth will be rotting while I sleep and I still don't get up from bed and brush. I'm going to now, though.
  2. i fall into the same habit sometimes. always sleep better after brushing and showering.

    maybe it takes stress off the immune system idk

    never heard about subconscious reorganization on tbreaks but makes sense bc mj is an ego reducer IMO.

    that is, when u stop smoking abruptly, you feel there is vacancy in your identity.

    when really u just ARE, and projecting individuality is the cause of war (group identity)
  3. Funny, I haven't been here in months, and I was just thinking about how marijuana has been affecting my dreams. I doubt that it actually suppresses dreams, but simply makes it harder (impossible, in my case) to actually remember them. Bear in mind we normally have four to five dreams every night, but we only remember the last one or two, if any. And we all know about how mj impairs memory.
  4. Also, I recently had a mini-t-break (actually, one night of lager bingeing) and had a series of dreams. Nightmares, actually. Really disturbing ones, like a conspiracy thriller where you slowly realize that everyone is out to get you. After the third one in a row, I forced myself to stay up. Dreaming ain't all sunshine and roses. Now I can't complain about my blissful mj-assisted sleep.

  5. Yeah the dreams generated during a t-break can be quite disturbing, but I find those to be the most exciting. In fact, I like to think of those dreams/nightmares as trips themselves!
  6. You should incorporate lucid dreaming with this dream journal :)

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