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Marijuana Strain Names and the King of Weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Durchii, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. I have no idea where I'm going with this, so just stick with me.

    I have seen strains pass through my town with names unbeknownst to man. Purp Sticky, or Bubble Gum Bomb Buster Diddle.. And have never questioned the one thing we must all ask.

    Who in God's name is coming up with these names!!! I do my best to tell, but its hard when every purple strain that floats our way is called 'purple haze' by the half educated nitwit that sells it to you. I am all too curious about the marijuana hierarchy...

    Where is your weed coming from and who is naming this bud? I have often looked at my weed and pondered about how long it sat in Mexico, or Bolivia. Either way, the bud sitting in your stash drawer has a 75% chance of being straight from the US. But is there a weed czar sitting at a table somewhere off the coast of Columbia casting names at weed?

    I have often though this.. But.. Wait! (Im writing this as I think of different things).. SUppose our true drug czars are in Amsterdam.. And that's where the names are cast out.. At the Cannabis Cup perhaps? And thent hat is what that kind of bud is named.

    Then again, we would have had some of our own. I have considered Marc Emery for this position in a more local North American market, but at this point he is ruled out. Why is it you never get a baggy filled with bud with the name of that strain written on it? I'll tell you why. The dealer you are recieving it from just HAS to call it 'Bing Shizzle Purple Crapdankyoulicious'... exactly.

    If need be, I will form a subcommittee whose sole dedication is the naming and rating of marijuana that travels through my area. Do not bow to drug dealer's propaganda! Stand up! Name and rate! Start a chart! Know more than your friends! Show them that their weed isn't 'the bombest ever' but merely a sack of decent mids that have floated their way. And rise against this Purple Haze propaganda! Distribute the knowledge! Knowledge is power!

    Remember kids! Purple haze is just Haze that's been fucked over on the wrong side of the crayon!

  2. i would like to be on this committee.
  3. You are either crazy or baked! Lol :p
  4. I'm stone sober. Have been for months. So, according to your equations, I'm crazy. Wee!
  5. Someone get Durchii a bong and a half oz stat. He's obviously been sober for too long.
  6. *Goes into convulsions*
  7. WHY?
  8. THe peopel who come up with strain names are the breEders who create them
  9. sounds logical enough
  10. sober as a result of probation. if youre willing to buy me detox drinks, I'll blow you.

  11. hahaha




    no j/k. I bet you could get someone to run to a headshop and get you a detox, whether or not you're of age. How about go, hey drug dealer, if you bring me to a headshop so I can pick up a few detoxes, I'll by an oz from you. Or get niacin from a local pharmacy.
  12. yeah dude just cheat those damn tests like a real man

  13. or you could just stay clean untill your DoC sentance is done with or get sent to boot camp.. that was my problem as a juvenille.. its hard to enjoy your high with a big punishment like that lurking over your shoulder everytime you get high

    but yea i'd wanna be in that committee :smoking:
  14. Well my weed comes straight out of Grass Valley, CA. I do things directly with the grower. He buys seeds with a strain name, grows them, and sells them with that name. end of story.
  15. detox drinks are illegal in some states I believe. because, their "intent" is to illegally falsify evidence. Worst name I've heard was "diddlyassdank". I don't think thats real, so here's one I know is: alaskan thunderfuck. lol, i thought about that last night whilst stoned, and laughed for 30 minutes.
  16. lol most my weed is clinics. so i think scientists. casting names at weed.AHHA

    mexico weed is trash. ew.
  17. thats funny i gotta cousin that gets ATF on a regular but he calls it fruity loud pack... why? i have no fuckin clue sex sells i guess but im a connoisseur i like to know what im smoking so i can verify it in my Canibible and document it mentally. with some strains i gues it doesnt matter what you call it

    What is this shit called Alaskan Thunderfuck.... Whaaa?

    What is this shit called Fruity loud pack *****... Whaaa?
  18. can i be head chair of this committee because no lie yesturday somebody tried to sell me something called " snitzzle cracker" i laughed so hard when i walked away that i wanna name weed that now.

    also i have heard some rediculous things like super alabama black haze.......... come the fuck on it was generic headies
  19. Your ideas are in line with my agenda. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Seriously though, the sad fact is 90% of the strain names out there are just slapped on by dealers for marketing purposes. Even a lot of seed banks sell F1 hybrid seed that they cross and slap a name on without even properly backcrossing to form stable genetics.

    I could rant on forever. I got to see a lot of the early proliferation of breeding and at this point in time it's gotten way out of hand. There are probably more 'cultivars' of cannabis than there are of tomatoes now.
  20. Hahaha. I could just see Samuel L. Jackson (his avatar) yelling that from across the room!:smoke:

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