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Marijuana Strain equivalent of ... ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by zeroshawdow, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi City

    I'm Zero. I've been using MJ to ease back pain and Insomnia disorder I used to have or at least are under control. The other night, I was with Mrs. Zero and some friends comparing the strains that we have grown and smoke to medicines.

    For example I have not grown or smoke that many big names. I live in FL and names on the streets is a waste of time, unless you developed hook ups from growers.

    With that been said. I think you can help and over the time create a nice reference Table for everybody to enjoy.

    I will post just what I've grown. Because are the only ones I can say is genuine the right genetics.

    Critical Sensi Star : Flexeril, Norflex
    Wappa : Ambien non-drowsy
    Purple Haze : Vyvanse
    Pineapple Express : Magic Pill. It feels really, really good. I have never took that many pills in my life. I don't like it. Therefore I don't have name

    You get the idea. I will continue my hunt until I find the strain that capture me forever. I would like your help Grass City to build references for the future with Marijuana Strain comparisons against Prescription & Over the Counter Pills.


    Thanks for reading



    P.S. - If you want to know about a specific strain type and post your question here too in CAP LOCKS. That way we can always identify a new question. We gotta admit we StonerZ ! :D
  2. northern lights

  3. Good for Headaches ! nice

    I have Northern Lights X Big Bud seed. Do you think will have similar Head relief effects ?
  4. a very good strains for medicinal to ease headaches are these at least what i have tried are kush. kush strains are really super good headache smoke
  5. I had some super bad gum pain this one time and a swollen throat and medicine man which I've heard is the same thing as white rhino cured the pain in .3 sized bowl to myself that's only strain that I can remember had the most signifigant pain relief and it's around the same area. I would look for a strain that is described as having a mind numbing effect. Any super potent sativa dominant should take your headaches away or take your mind off of it or depending on your chemistry make you hyper focus on it trainwreck makes your body and your mind feel like jello but makes your mind and heart beat race and plays mind games with you awesome and potent high always reccomended. I think the strain that had the most uplifting speedy euphoric high was Lamb's bread but still looked and smelt dank. Sativas if grown with average growing methods usually looks and smells like shwag compared to indicas and indicas will give you most of your medicinal effects and it also depends on CBd content. I've tooken amphetamines, extacy, opiates, benzos all the good shit and few buds I've ever had we're comparable to any of these maybe some amber triched indica with sleepy time CBd or whatever would be comparable to a strong benzo or opiate but that's it no bud is going to be compared to bein wired on Addies or extacy maybe vyvanses that was a smoother more head high hack I felt that crept up on you ever do slowly. Bud is a muuuuuuch better alternative. Period. But if you were starting a dispensary and wanted to know what to recommend for certain ailments go to the medicinal usage and applications forum a guy named Clinton has a very nice thread that has a strain reccomended for every ailment
  6. Sour Diesel and Headband Kush both work really well for me. I have CVS which causes nausea, migraines, etc and those are some of the best meds I've found out of at least 100 strains I've tried. Sour Diesel is calming, euphoric, and pain relieving. I have a GDP x Sour D strain I'm growing now and I'm hoping it embodies the typical sour d high while adding in the knock out sleepy and hungry you get from GDP. Blackberry, Blue Dreams, Hazes and a lot of heavy sativas make my headaches worse because they make me tense. I'm not sure why blackberry (an Indica) doesn't agree with me but it doesn't. Sad because it's a beautiful strain.
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    Thanks Guys ! 2 ALL of You !

    @Michigan Toker - I have to say not all Kush work in headaches for me. In my case, I grow Bubba Kush. However it do not help with headaches, in my case. Whenever you come across with a Kush that you feel is super good for headaches, Jot Down that name and Post it in here ! Thanks, blade !

    I was asking for myself. From time I get build up too much stress and the headaches are a challenge. I got another question for you too.

    My Wife have A.D.D. (She lose Focus very easily). Back then when I did not know how to grow. I used to pick up in a weekly basis, just to keep different MJ flotaing around. We have come across some strains (No names [Uneducated Dealer ... lol :laughin:]) that works very good in her.

    I know for sure the strain got to be Sativa for ADD. Or at least We have not smoke an Indica that helps her focus. Usually I go after the Body High more than anything. But my Other Half needs to focus ! ASAP ! lol

    If you can help me with strains for ADD, highly appreciated ! I'm about to do another round of seed purchase, that's why my questions. In addition I want to create a good updated reference guide for all of us.

    Un-Offcial List

    Headaches - Northen Lights, Sour Diesel & Headband Kush
    Body Pain - Critical Sensi Star
    Uplifting and/or Meditate - Wappa, Pineapple Express & Arjan's Haze #3 (I do not recommend GHS, however that plant was a marvelous smoke)
    Mind Buzz - Purple Haze



    P.S. - Feel free in Copy Paste the List and Modify as you understand based on your own experiences or what you have learned so far.

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