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Marijuana stains?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Smokey_mctoke, May 5, 2007.

  1. I would like to know if smoking joints will eventually produce yellowish stains on your fingers and teeth like tobacco cigarettes do. Can any old time smokers provide any insight to this?
  2. Not if you take a shower and brush your teeth - LOL :laughing:
  3. Ya but i have caluses on my fingers from smoking roaches,
  4. Yea, I know, but for instance tobacco stains don't go away with washing and brushing. My grandpa had them from smoking handrolled tobacco for most of his life and they made his teeth real disgusting. Is that a similar trouble with MJ? Or is MJ more "clean" and doesn't produce said stains?
  5. No it's not more clean, I don't even know how "clean" it is compared to 'baccy

    However... When I was smoking (Dec 20 '06 was my last! :D) cigarettes, I was smoking on average 10-15 per day (and that is fairly light, half a pack per day)

    I would love to be able to smoke 10-15 of my joints per day (I roll them fairly large, no less than 1g), I currently smoke an average of 1-1.5 grams per day out of a pipe/small bong...

    Even if I had the supply to be able to smoke all I wanted, I can't imagine
    smoking more than 4 maybe 5 joints in one day... I gotta get some work done ya know ;)

    As a result, it would be much much less 'product' to be burnt and to travel past your fingers and teeth...

    Use a filter (or roach for the brits) at the end of your joints and it will help keep the yellowing down. Oh! Wash your hands often! I would rarely wash my hands after a smoke and therefore the smoke residue would have a decent amount of time to just sit there and percolate themselves into your skin.

    mmm rambling :smoke:
  6. Most people may not have problems with stains, but i certainly do. I actually don't smoke joints very much, but i have been smoking about 1-2 grams a day for the past 8 years. the stains are on the back (and a tiny bit on the front) of my lower-center teeth, maybe the top too, but i can't see them. the stains are black and look just like resin. i don't even smoke resin unless i really have to and that is very rarely. i haven't found anything that removes the stains, but i haven't tried anything for very long--targon didn't do anything. it may be that the enamel is weakened after years of eating very spicy/sour candy and lemons,or the slight curvature of my teeth, or whatever, but it sucks! If anyone knows how to remove resin stains from teeth, i'd love to know. my best guess is baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.


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