Marijuana, Sperm, and the Future of the world :)

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  1. Alright...Strange title...But that's the topics (Not in a perverted way though)...

    In the past I had already thought about marijuana, and genetics, and the future. But I will get to that in a second...

    Today I thought about something.
    They say that smoking weed lowers your sperm count...It can't just be RANDOMLY be selecting sperm to kill, there must just be some sperm inside of us that is BETTER at handling weed. And when you smoke weed, you "weed out" the intolerant, potential babies...

    Think of it this way:
    When you introduce "Raid" bug spray, into a Roach community, most of them die.
    But some of the bugs may survive. And they will be able to reproduce...Because they are still ALIVE.
    So the next generation of roaches, is now LESS effected by "Raid" bug spray. And maybe even ALL of them will eventually survive.

    But that is happening in your nutsack. The THC is the "Raid", and the sperm are the roaches.

    This was my thought from the past, about MJ, and genetics(Not sperm, or nutsack related):
    If BOTH of your parents smoked weed, then you have been "Pre-exposed" to THC, through your genetics, and your fathers sperm.
    But if only 2 out of your 4 grandparents smoked. Then your parents (Even though they passed down a heavy tolerance to you) may have MUCH lower tolerances than you.

    So everyone is probably effected by weed a LITTLE bit differently than each other, based on our "Family History" in relation to marijuana's "Family history".

    And there may be people that have a "Stronger" connection, or "Better" receptors than others.

    And what if one day there is an amazing mutation...The person can store excess THC instead of pissing it out...Or doesn't get high...Or is always high without weed...Or SOMETHING....
  2. In Super High me Doug Benson's sperm count went higher.
  3. They haven't been able to prove successfully whether or not it reduces sperm count in all, or even in some users, without fail, but what they've found and confirmed in a few different studies (making it a bit easier to swallow... erm, maybe I shouldn't use that terminology!), is that it causes them to 'hyper activate'... in other words, they do the powerful little dance and swim that they would normally only do, upon coming into contact with an egg, and they do so prematurely upon exposure to certain cannabinoids or components of cannabis.
    They are then supposedly too 'tuckered out' to perform that action again, once an egg is present, with the only limited stores of energy they were created with. They've toyed with the idea of cannabis as a male contraceptive, but so far (whether due to legalities, or impracticalities) it hasn't panned out.

    It's one of those things you can 'try' changing, or stopping, if you have trouble conceiving.... however, it has not prevented even the heaviest of smokers from successfully impregnating their wives and girlfriends. :)

    Then, there's the other side of the coin... many people claim to have used cannabis to help them conceive, that they'd been trying for years, and after giving up and going back to cannabis, suddenly BAM, here comes a baby! :p

    But wouldn't it just be nice, if they developed a male birth control based on cannabis. :D We can dream :smoke:
  4. Well whether or not it's proven, it is "said".

    And I was just having a stoned thought.
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  6. Well I can say that smoking had no effect on my husbands sperm. I was on birth control and I am currently pregnant. He has been smoking 10 plus years and we were smoking 2 oz a week and he smoked more than I did. That's just my experience :)
  7. Yeah OP, weed does effect every body differently. And I'm pretty sure it's a chemical difference in the brain and body of people, not by their grandpa smoking pot.

  8. see you on crackcity.
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    But the chemical difference in each human, would come from what their grandfathers genetics experienced. Or what his grandfathers sperm experienced.

    Those things would have an effect on "the grandfathers" babies. Sperm that find MJ poisonous die, ones that don't: swim on. Maybe he was fat, so his kids bodies like sugary fatty things because that's what it's gotten in it's past. It knows what it is, and knows it can be used a lot.
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