Marijuana shown to increase brain growth in rats, acts as anti-depressant...

Discussion in 'General' started by chronictoker, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. That would be ironic wouldn't it.

    It must be kept in mind they're using mice..which are not humans. They also seem to often give the mice doseages that are much too high.

    Also, the cannabanoid they used was synthetic, and I think this may have a large impact on the results. It's not too crazy too think it could help brain growth, but I wuill wait until they test with actual thc prove it with repeatable tests.
  2. yep. Still...this adds to the ever growing mountain of possible health benefits of weeeeed. It would be pretty cool if it were true.
  3. i showed this to some of my friends who dont smoke and they all said its bs, fuck them.
  4. speaking of rats, i just killed the shit out of these two mice that were caught in a glue trap

    did it with a crowbar

    got some mousejuice on me D:

    SQUEEAKAK :smoking:
  5. Umm.. depression in rats? I wouldn't take it too seriously, heh.
  6. I don't how they would measure depression in a rat, but I think it's possible. Guess I'd have to read the study.
  7. just measure levels of chemicals in the brain before and after and in comparison to mice that don't ingest thc.

    as far as research animals go, rodents are good because you can have hundreds of them that are genetically and environmentally identical (or there's always cloning, too). the advantage of this is that you can have representative populations that are exactly alike, unlike humans, which eliminates third variables (outside factors/ differences that aren't being tested for but can have an effect on results, ie: predisposition for depression or variances in lifestyles)

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