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  1. I bought the classic and super variety packs from here. Shipping was stealthy and from the UK. Got 5 free Easy Sativa seeds with my order and it arrived pretty quick (a little over a week). Grew 3 of the Big Bud and 3 of the Ice seeds hydro style and am very happy with the purchase so far. Customer service has been responsive to questions.
  2. My order from these guys never got to me. Its been a month. I emailed 'em twice and never got a reply. Only other possibility is they got intercepted, but i doubt it.

    Be careful of
  3. I ordered about 26 seeds from them 10 of them feminzed

    - They lost my order

    - Responded about once every 3 days

    - Took almost TWO MONTHS to get me my order

    - And when it was all said and done....only SIX of the seeds sprouted....the rest died

    This was my first experience of buying seeds from overseas

    My next order was much more positive from Dr. Kronick. I bought 10 white widow fems. They got to me within a week AND They ALL sprouted. I just bought an additional 5.

    I will NEVER order from the 1st company again.
  4. Update: They said they are actually going to resend my order. Some thumbs down, but at a 45 degree angle. I'll keep ya posted.
  5. I bought 10 fem white widow seeds from them and on their website it said it would take 2-3 weeks overseas. They got here in a week. Germed 4 and all four sprouted. Gorgeous plants too. My experience with them went really well, but it is a risky business so I'm sure things can happen.
  6. I just ordered from them.. Got my shipment in two days.. I was shocked, also they all sprouted.
  7. I got the seeds they resent. It was cool that they did that. Who knows what happened to the first order. It only took a week for the resend to get here. I'll have to check the plants out before I thumbs up 'em. Another plus is the 5 free seeds.

    Has anyone tried the free seeds they send out. I've tried other free seeds and they take forever to flower if at all and they were all male.
  8. I bought 10 white widow feminized seeds off them about 5 weeks ago and 9 of them sprouted (I dropped the 10th one while in a party cup so that was my fault haha). They all look great and the one is already 28 inches tall after 5 weeks. I started them budding saturday so in 9 weeks I'll hopefully have some sweet chillage. LOVE and will definitely order from them again.
  9. i haven't grown mine yet either, but they're supposed to be "Easy Sativa" lately I think...
  10. hey man just bought 20 ICE seeds from there was wondering if you could shoot me some pics or more info on how the strain worked out for you. let me know.

    BTW i recieved all my seeds in one week and orderd from OREGON!
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  11. To those whom have ordered: how were they with responding? Before ordering, I emailed them a question and they responded very quickly with instructions for me to email them right after my order. So I placed an order on saturday night and emailed them, and I have not yet received a response...
  12. they responded to my emails within 3 days or so i think. not speedy, but they did respond in a reasonable time i thought.

    and about the ice seeds, i grew some but had to abort due to smell. they looked great though. i'm looking forward to germing what i have left when i'm more confident in my odor control...
  13. For those people who ordered seeds, what did the box say,when it showed up at you're house. was it like from: too "add address" on the box? I wanna be 100% sure b/c i wanna order from them but i don't want something showing up at my house saying from at all. i don't care if they open it up too see whats inside if the seeds are hidden from few. I just need to know what the box is going too say.
  14. It won't say
  15. Just ordered some WW from them yesterday, I'll keep you guys updated.
  16. Hey guys,

    I ordered on oct. 1st at night, its now the 17th. I emailed them about stealth shipping and some special requirements, they got back to me in 2-3 days. Shortly after, on Oct. 4th, I got a notification saying my order had been shipped but the UK post system was on strike til the 9th. I guess that cleared up or whatever and so who knows when they finally shipped... but its been 13 days now. Should I be worried? I'll keep all posted, too.
  17. I ordered 10 White Widow from them, they arrived here (Canada) in about a week and a half. They were in a stealthy blank CD case, and the shipping box was reasonably stealthy, as far as shipping boxes go (lol).

    Germed 4, all four 4 sprouted, all four currently going nicely.

    I would order from them again.
  18. Damn, has anyone else ordered recently and heard about the postal strikes affecting their orders? I'm started to get worried, even though I know I should wait longer...
  19. I've just sent for my third order from MarijuanaSeeds-nl. I've had good luck, quick turn-around, good germ. rate.
    Package very non-descript but you'll have no broken seeds.
    Recently sent to Rhino Seeds for West. Winds. All arrived broken and I never heard from Rhino when I informed them. Sucks to save enough for something you want and end by throwing the money away.
  20. Ordered yesterday, got the auto-reply saying they've been dispatched today. Faster than I was expecting so that's a pretty good start. Now I just play the waiting game on shipping.

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