Marijuana seeds-legal? Australia, New Zealand, Canada

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    If anyone can help soon, this would be great.
    I need to know if marijuana seeds are legal to own/transport in the following countries... New Zealand, Austrailia and Canada.
    I have found the laws in some countries allow for ownership of seeds (although owning MJ the plant for growing or consumption is illegal.)
    I currently have seeds and need to know if they legally can be declared at the borders, and imported into these countries. If not I'll ditch them, its not worth getting caught.

    Please do not answer "dont risk it, or just buy them" I will do this as a last resort but I would like to know if I can simply declare the seeds or not. Are the seeds legal in ____ country? yes or no.
    If anyone can direct me to where I can find the answer that would be great aswell.

    On a side note, I have now been to Australia specifically Nimbin and I've been smoking and loving my trip! Peace to all! Thanks in advance

  2. So i dug around a little bit, searching for the legalities etc and came across 2 websites that gave me the answer.

    In Australia, weed seeds are legal only for topical use. The growth and consumption of the seeds is illegal but legal to use externally on the body in oils etc. - found this out through ""

    New Zealand could be the same, i'm not 100% sure but according to the comments on people seem to be buying them ? it must be the same as Aus??

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Dude why would you declare at the border you have seeds? That's retarded you might as well announce you have actual cannabis on you. You won't risk anything bringing them. Seeds are only illegal if they could tell your intent for them wasn't food or hemp. But who really cares? Throw them in with a bag of trail mix if you're really that worried.
  4. but what were to happen if OP didn't declare them at the border and then the seeds were found ? would OP get in trouble? or would it be easily dismissed by saying they're for topical use?
  5. Yeah he'd have to say they're for topical use if that's what the law says. Don't they get sterilized hemp seeds for food in Australia? that'd be much more believable.
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  6. Australia- not legal for the general public. Customs issue as its classed as a noxious weed. Seeds found are destroyed.

    Govt regulations means its OK to posses for legal grows. eg. Non THC Cannabis farms- very few and far between due to the very small plant count and red tape.
  7. Seeds are legal in Canada as far as I know!
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  8. In Canada having seeds is legal, long as you don't grow them after ;)
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  10. I live in Canada. Posessing seeds is one thing, bringing seeds through our customs is another. They wont allow plants through, or plant products such as flowers produce, or seeds. Reason being invasive species pose big problems. Even if you may have no plans to cultivate seeds the risk however small of one ending up in some dirt taking root is plausible. I know, but its their way of thinking.

    Not only that the potential for disease attached perishable items is there. MJ or any seeds for that matter are a no no.

    Aside from that marijuana is still illegal until April 2018 so there are still stigmas attached. You can say you have no intentions of cultivation but they don't know that and you have no way of proving it. Somethings come down to the discretion of border guards, and they ain't letting marijuana seeds pass I would be money on it ;)

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