Marijuana seakness

Discussion in 'General' started by Samrad128, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Hi evry one
    I've smoked marijuana for 5 time now
    Each time I've felt seak (dizziness, heart beat, throwing up, unable to talk clearly and ...) for over an hour. I've smoked in different environment with different people but always is the same it's so annoying. People have told me theyve never seen a case as bad as mine. I probably won't smoke any more but there's this question why I feel like this while others are ok and have fun. Is it cus I'm allergic to this stuff. Am I sick or Sth?
  2. How old are you first off, asking because i dont know if you can get the meds for your ailment.

    Also what is a seakness, are you looking for weed .
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  3. I'm 25. I'm depressed. Have been told smoking weed would help me. But sincerely I'm not smoking cus Im sick but because I want to have fun with my friends.
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  4. How did you manage to write seak twice that's what I really want to know? Lol

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  5. Lol I don't know. U now maybe cus I'm sick I wrote sick twice:)))
  6. how to test if you are allergic to cannabis... break open a bud and rub in on your inner wrist (pressure point) and wait up to 15 minutes... if the area turns red/ inflamed then you are allergic to cannaibis... otherwise try cbd heavy strains that activate the cb2 receptor instead of thc heavy strains that trigger cb1 receptor activation
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  7. Eat some brand name queso called Cacique. Then your problems will fart away ese!

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  8. That really sucks. I've never heard of that happening with anyone. Sounds like you have some kind of allergy or something. Do you feel sick with all hemp related products?

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