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Marijuana Savings Account

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by washedmothafuka, May 13, 2011.

  1. So I had to open a new savings account the other day since I let it go to $0 a year or two back. When doing this it really made me want to try and save up in other parts of my life as well. I thought about it, and decided every sack I bought from then on I would keep a nug and put it away for savings in case of any dry times before harvest.

    The negative about this was brought up at my friends place the other day when I showed him. He had already done this and says that you save it for so long you never want to smoke it because you have been adding to it forever. My solution is to save it for a night I want to remember...or maybe don't want to remember:rolleyes:

    Well I can't just tell you guys about is so you can get and idea of what I am doing. BTW this is all high grade either from the club or from suppliers to the club :p

    Here is the birds eye view (Alpha Blue, Blockhead, Blue Dream, GDP, Blackberry Kush)


    And a side shot.


    And as good as closeup as it gets with this shit camera


    Have any of you guys done this or do this? If so why or why not? I liked the idea, but I am second guessing myself now...ha.
  2. the only downside i see is waiting too long to smoke it and then it becomes too old to be desireable
  3. What if I popped em in small glass jars?

  4. Do this.
  5. I started a "salad" jar.

    That was until my parents confiscated it and destroyed it...
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    Bet they smoked it
  7. Weed doesn't get old if contained properly.
  8. That's a dope idea, cool man.

    I may start doing that as well.

    I guess I'm gona need an air-tight container, eh? As long as I open it once every 2 weeks or so, should be ok, rite?
  9. ! did this with all my friends two months before 420 for 420. We had like two dank tanks filled and in one day. My friends window is busted by someone random and i have pics to prove it surprisingly and all my 420 stash was gone =( bout 3 weeks till 420....



    1979 Honda Accords make me smile =D.
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    After the grow season, fill up a treasure chest with ur goods and bury it in a secret spot!

    Sadly, Google image search does not have any awesome results for 'weed treasure chest.'

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  11. I have a friend that does this. He keeps a nug of every strain he's ever bought, but doesn't smoke it. More just a collection of what strain's he's smoked.
  12. i don't have the self control to do that. id save it for a few weeks then probably get bored and smoke it all

  13. thats why you save the stickers from the dispensaries or you could just right it down duh :smoke:
  14. Weeds great and all...and I like to look at it and hold it and smell it...but I don't like to save it. I smoke/vape/eat it and when it's gone...I get some more!
  15. Yup, this stash was smoked when I had some Sassafras (MDA), damn that shit makes smoking so much better :D
  16. dude you labled the sticks and stems like anybody is ever gonna care about that. the nugs are nice and its a good idea but you had me loling for about a minute so thanks.
  17. I was high when i made it. Glad I could make your day more enjoyable.

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