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Discussion in 'General' started by jonnyweedseed, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. Stop throwing your excess seeds in the garbage. Plant them!! Plant them everywhere!!! Picture what it will be like if every spare seed goes into the ground. There will be weed growing from one end of this great country to the other. Everywhere anyone would look there will be beautiful weed plants for all to see. Just poke a quick hole in the ground, drop in 3 or 4 seeds, cover it, pat it, and walk away. Do this everywhere that you can and every chance that you get. I'm not saying you have to go back and harvest them. We're not talking museum quality, killer bud here. Exposure is the goal of this concept. Lots and lots of wild weed plants for all of our people to see. Just let them grow wild. If they go to seed more will grow next season. If you do have a favorite plant, by all means, do what you got to do. Sure, some will say that a lot of the seeds you plant won't grow, but the more you plant, the better the chance of success.
    We need reform, and we need it now. Drastic times take drastic measures. How will those who force prohibition on us, ever be able to enforce prohibition of a plant that is rampantly growing wild all over this country, in every town, every city, every field, every forest, every park, and every other place conceivable? We feel that if enough people promote mass public planting of weed that the powers that be will be rendered helpless It will be totally impractical and for the most part, impossible for the powers that impose the prohibition to continue to fight their battle.
    The majority of the public out there doesn't really care whether the rest of us smoke weed or not. At the same time, these people don't feel strongly enough to get involved or bother to vote for reform. That doesn't necessarily make them bad people. We all have our priorities in our own lives, and for many, marijuana reform is not one of them.
    Most people do care about what is going on in their communities with things such as spending and environmental safety. On that line of thought, it would make sense that these same people will get involved in reform on some level when our government starts suggesting spraying as well as other potentially dangerous, and costly measures to kill a weed that is growing EVERYWHERE. This would essentially put these good citizens in our corner. We all know that nowadays most communities are strapped for cash. If most people were offered the choice while voting for their budget between, for example, school books, better roads and the like or paying to hire overpaid marijuana eradication specialists to liberate their community of that evil weed called marijuana, it doesn't take a political degree to predict what is going to pass the vote and what is not.
    Not too bad of a concept, huh? We Americans have done far more drastic things throughout our history to gain and keep our right to be free to be whoever we want to be, and to live our lives the way we want to live them. This is why we all need to do our part to promote mass public planting of weed. Get on board, and get all of your pain in the ass left over seeds in the ground. Put those seeds to good use instead of just being a nuisance. As well as the legal liability created by having seeds around and the subsequent disposal of them.
    I'm not saying that this concept is the holy grail of weed reform. There are countless speculations and thoughts on how, why, and what could happen so this concept will not work. Thank God. Everyone should have an opinion and it would be too weird if all of a sudden everyone agreed on everything. The positive side is that we only (in theory, in a politically perfect world) need 51% of the vote ot achieve our goal.
    I am saying that this is one thing that all of us who believe in the benefits of marijuana and its reform can do to help out in some way the make the beliefs a reality. One of the best things about this concept is that it takes very little time and effort in our never enough time in a day lives. The point of mass public planting of weed is to just plant the seeds. If everyone took just a passing moment to stuff a few seeds in the ground during their day-to-day routine the end results would be mind- boggling. If even a small percentage of weed smokers plant all of their seeds the results would still be substantial...
    For good, bad, or for whatever... this would be one for the history books. Sort of like the Boston Tea Party but in reverse. Since most who indulge in the ol' ganja are a fun loving bunch of people. Now that thought opens the possibility of adding a whole entertainment side to this as well. Think about what a goof it would be to see plants growing EVERYWHERE. Not to mention that the plants won't even be noticed by most people for at least couple of months and then like BAM! There are weed plants everywhere. All of us who believe in marijuana reform need to get doing this TODAY for maximum impact this season, and for those seasons to come. Hey, If ya got 'em, Plant 'em.

    Disclaimer: jonnyweedseed only puts this concept up as a theory for thoughts and comments on this concept. jonnyweedseed in no way suggests that anyone, at any time, do anything that is against the laws of the reader's local governing bodies. Anyone choosing to participate in, or promote mass public planting of weed, does so at there own risk, not because of anything written by jonnyweedseed. You know.

    It's time to put an end to prohibition of so called, "Quality Of Life" crimes that drastically reduce and threaten the actual Quality Of Life in our country.
  2. I posted about this a little while back. I never throw away my seeds. I save them all. When I'm out smoking with friends we pack a bowl and throw all the beaners we find out into fields or just around town. It would be cool if every pot smoker in America planted all their seeds they saved on a certain day. Come harvest time the coppers would be too occupied trying to tear up plants all over the country that nothing would get done....
  3. Yessiree, That would be a beautiful thing. It's the ol' One person has to tell another and that one tells two more and on and on until the weed snowball is rolling through every city and town in a big way. Once this mass public planting thing catches on... Watch Out!
  4. what if i just throw the seeds in the grass somewhere i think thatll work fine.
  5. I can't exactly say if it will or not work. I'm partial to sticking them in the ground an inch or 2 down, cover, pat, and walk away. I guess it can't hurt. Hey, anything is better than throwing them out or saving them. If I were you, I would just do what I felt best about. Unless, of course, you feel good about throwing them in the garbage. In that case, just plant 'em. There are no actual set rules to this concept. Have fun.

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