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Marijuana prop plants

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Weed.Wacker, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. In movies, what plant do they use as a prop for bud. I'm sure they don't use real weed. Do they use an acutal live plant or a fake plant like the ones in furniture stores?
  2. I think they probably just use plastic in most cases. Maybe if they're feeling really ballsy, they'll shoot some real plants but they'd have to be real careful about it.
  3. its like japanese somthing
    my friend told me
    i've always wondered if the weed in the blueberry yum yum video were real

  4. Japanese Maple? My parents have some in their yard
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    no. there's a company in cali that manufactures fake marijuana plants in all stages of growth. clone, veg, preflower, full flower. they're pretty realistic and also pretty expensive.

    expensive enough that they changed all the full flower plants to veg plants when they blew up the grow bunker in pineapple express.

    they made the plants for weeds also.

    heres the link

    theyre pretty cool. but that shit would get my house raided.
  6. their factory would be a great place for a grow op lol:cool:
  7. Oh thats some crazy stuff!

  8. ^^ LOVE that
  9. In pineapple express some of the joints are real..
  10. lol. at kings island i found a japanese maple leaf and showed it to my brother and he was like O:

    they look the same but the japanese leaves are red. and it's actually like, a tree. i doubt they substitute marijuana for japanese maples in any movie. they really don't look alike except the leaves. that's probably my favorite kind of tree though. d:

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