Marijuana promotes suicidal tendencies

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  1. One of my Christian "God throws all pot smokers in Hell" friends(it's funny that we're friends) kept bugging me to check out so to shut him up I took their propaganistic Marijuana quiz. After reading the answers it's no wonder that people have the wrong idea about pot. Some of it is true, other info is complete bullshit(see question 5). My answers are in bold.

    Marijuana isn't harmful because it's natural.

    Correct! Marijuana is not a harmless little plant. Smoking marijuana can lead to some changes in your brain similar to those caused by cocaine, heroin and alcohol. Marijuana contains the same cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco. It can also ruin your future, by getting you kicked out of school or off a sports team, or get you in trouble with the law. You call that harmless? And besides, the fact that something is 100 percent natural doesn't mean it's good for you. Heroin is synthesized from a chemical produced by the opium poppy. Cocaine is extracted and refined from the coca plant. These are two of the most harmful drugs known today.

    Unlike other illegal drugs, marijuana isn't addictive.

    True (note: my answer meant physically)
    Nice try! The correct answer is false.
    Research proves that marijuana is addictive.² It's true that withdrawal might not be as severe as with heroin or other drugs, but research shows that people who regularly smoke marijuana have withdrawal symptoms-drug cravings, decreased appetite, nervousness, irritability, stomach pain, aggression, and anxiety, among others.

    People who smoke marijuana are more careful drivers.

    True (careful, not better)
    Nice try! The correct answer is false.
    Marijuana affects the skills needed for safe driving: alertness, the ability to concentrate, coordination and reaction time. A study of patients in a shock-trauma unit who had been in traffic crashes found that 15 percent of those who had been driving a car or motorcycle had been smoking marijuana, and another 17 percent had both THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) and alcohol in their blood.

    Compared to cigarette smoke, marijuana smoke:

    Is just as bad for you, probably worse
    Marijuana contains the same cancer-causing chemicals as tobacco-including the deadly carcinogen benzopyrene-and at higher concentrations. Someone who smokes five joints per day may be taking in as many cancer-causing chemicals as someone who smokes a full pack of cigarettes every day. Long-term use increases the chances of tissue damage and lung cancer. Regardless of the content of THC (the intoxicating chemical in marijuana) the amount of tar inhaled by marijuana smokers and the level of carbon monoxide absorbed are three to five times greater than that of tobacco smokers. A study conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles shows that the way smokers inhale marijuana and hold it in the lungs adds to the damage.

    Using marijuana regularly:

    Usually makes a person mellow and relaxed and less likely to get in trouble
    Nice try! The correct answer is can impair judgment and make a person more likely to get into trouble.
    Can impair judgment and make a person more likely to get into trouble The popular stereotype of the pot user is the "mellow" label. The facts don't support this image. Smoking dope can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and paranoia.6 Teens who become regular marijuana users are three times as likely to have suicidal thoughts than those who don't, according to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse.7 The Household Survey also found that teens who frequently use marijuana are almost four times as likely to commit a violent act-either against people or property-than those who don't. They're five times as likely to steal.

    How long does marijuana stay in your body?

    Up to several months
    Nice try! The correct answer is up to a few weeks.
    Even after users stop feeling the effects of marijuana, the drug can linger in the body for a few weeks. That means it can be detected by a standard drug test long after its initial use.
  2. fuck da police .. fuck da police.... down with goverment... arghh angry teenage rebelion.. hormones raging!!!
  3. just kidding lol :D i dunno what im talking bout..... somebody should throw down on some commercials that tell the truth about marijunanal NORML... where is all our donations going to anyway>? lol......
  4. I hope NORML donations goes towards fighting polititions to legalize it. As for what they do with donations I honestly don't know, hopefully not stuffing their pockets. I think there's a spot on their website that tells you what they use the money for. All I know is that they are short on money and need more
  5. Its all bullshit except for the comparative tobacco smoke question......that i can agree with and im sure you all can too.....but its my choice to smoke it.......and it does not contain shit as far as chemicals go compared to cigarettes.....
  6. that's just little propaganda for parents to show their 5 year olds.....

    bunch of bullshit
  7. Even when my answered agreed with them(such as I know marijuana is harmful to the lungs) they just seemed to go overboard and add a bunch of bullshit in with their answers. I've heard much of it before, the only question that got me upset was #5 where they said Marijuana smokers are 3 times more likely to commit suicide and that they are more likely to steal. I smoke and I have never even considered stealing to support my habit. If I want to buy weed I go out and get a job, it's that simple. I've seen people steal for hard drugs but never weed. Potheads are able to function and work. Junkies* are not.

    * please note that I am not calling everyone who touches hard drugs a junkie. I'm talking about the ones who need their substance 24/7 and are unable to function in society.
  8. It's kind of sickening to see that sort of propaganda. At least there are sites like erowid so people can learn true facts about drugs. What's strange is that other anti-drug sites that they link to aren't lieing quite so much as they are (one-sided yes, but not blatent lies).
  9. Wow. Fuck them. Fuck them with a burning penitentiary passion. Those are just.. LIES. I'm so sick of this uber-liberal anti-drug propaganda.

    Bullshit! People smoke weed cause it gets you high! Fuckin' idiots. If they dont even know why people smoke, who are they to tell me that it's wrong?

    I infer that whoever wrote this didnt have AIDS or glaucoma. Or a very interesting adolescence.

    I need not comment on this. Whoever wrote this has never smoked weed.

    Another sign of their obliviousness. If I get gray shredded leaves in my sack I'd be pretty pissed. And did you forget indica? We smoke that too dumbass.

    They give you facts then they reverse em on you. You're more likely to smoke marijuana if you dropped out of high school. That's only a comment on a small chunk of the use population.

    Putting STD's and pregnancy in the same sentence with marijuana is propoganda.

    I've never had stained fingers or teeth. What about cig breath? Worse then weed I'd say. The people I smoke with dont look skeazy and carry clear eyes. You know what my favorite munchy is? FUCKING SALAD. Who here has ever heard of a "stoner's spare"?

    Explain the real difference between anxiety, panic attacks, and paranoia. It all boils down to the same emotion. The only time marijuana depresses me is when I havent had any for a few months. And in answer to their question.. NO.

    Again they got it backwards. That's only commenting on a part of the user population, not the effects of marijuana. God you'd think all these non-users would be smarter wouldnt you? At least according to them they would be.

    Well I think one hit of marijuana can kill me and everyone I love, so fuck you. Arrogant pricks! I hate em.

    The correct statistic would be that 38k seniors who crashed tested positive for MJ. That means they used it in the past month. There is no reliable to test that proves someone is under the influence of marijuana.

    Thank you for undergoing my rant. I feel very strongly about this.

    their anti-drug
  10. A few things come to mind after reading all of that

    1. I've never seen Marijuana cause any kind of paranoia except for getting arrested or your parents finding out(if the smoker is a minor). Take away the strict laws and you take away what little bit of paranoia there is.

    2. Never in my life have I ever met anyone who has been so out of it that they would have sex without knowing it. The high risk of STDs and pregnancy all come from one substance: alcohol. Alcohol lowers inhibition and at high doses can make you black out. Marijuana does neither(unless you count passing out but that's different from blacking out and still functioning). I always remember everything I do while high and always have self control. It may take a few seconds for my mind to kick in(such as "oh I need a condom) but it will kick in before I do something stupid.

    3. Those who drop out of high school did so because they either couldn't handle school or just didn't want an education. It's the individual, not the nonaddictive substance. I'm in college, have a job, and I smoke pot daily. Shouldn't I be a loser with no ambition nor education? According to them that's what pot does to you.

    4. I shave regularly, comb my hair constantly, always brush my teeth, take showers, and trim my nails. Marijuana doesn't have any effect on appearence, hygene included. They're thinking of crackheads.

    5. My favorite munchie food is carrot sticks. 99% of the time I don't even get munchies. I only get them if I was hungry prior to smoking.

    6. There is no better cure for writer's block than pot. If I'm writing an essay for school and get stuck some herb will put ideas into my head. I'll need to go back and proofread later for simple things such as punctuation and spelling, but I am responsible enough to know this and always do go back.

    7. Anything can be addictive. Why don't we make ice cream illegal? Because god knows America is full of obese people. Or how about books? Free thought can be very addictive. Some people do nothing but watch TV. They sit around watching Soaps instead of going to work. Still others toy with their cars, play bingo, or have sex all day. Why not just ban everything pleasurable and turn us into mindless drones? Just pump us full of soma and bring on the Brave New World!

    Phew. We're not all a bunch of burnouts living in our parents basement!!! A few bad seeds ruin it for everybody.
  11. word. *high five*
  12. well you know marijuana can promote suicidal tendencies--I've had that feeling before--but all it is is a bad high.

    (you know where you keep looking down on yourself e.t.c..)

    but alas all it is is a bad high.

    And NOTE: I'm catholic and I have this book called the "catechism or the catholic church" or in other words its the book that tells "how to live the catholic life" e.t.c. e.t.c..
    basically you can look shit up in the index (a specific topic)
    and in this case you can look up drugs--and wanna know what it says about it?
    It says that drugs are cool--for medical purposes---now NOTE that medical does not always imply that its for physical pain e.t.c.--it can be for emotiol issues as well--or even for calming a person down.

    So if you think about it--pot is totally cool to do (according to the catholic faith--which is Christian basically)

    you should tell your friend that logic--that pot is actually a great thing that can help people out in MANY ways.


  13. If anything it lowered them for me. Prior to starting smoking pot I was diagnosed as depressed and having suicidal tendencies (doesn't mean I actually considered suicide, but apparently I had suicidal tendencies). After I started smoking I needed less medication. I don't need any meds now, of course to be fair I'm not sure how much the meds helped I hated taking em.

  14. lol nono I didn't mean that it CAUSES depression--in fact its hella good for making you happier--no matter who you are.

    But remember with all other drugs its all about a mind set--
    what I was talking about was that I just started thinking about myself==and I was pointing out flaws--but I stoped thinking about that quite quickly.

    Man I don't know whats going on--because I'm on lsa and hella pain killers right now (weird high--makes me feel kinda upity--like hallucenginitcs (sp) do for you--but the painkillers allow me to sleep on the lsa-and no trip at all...


    Oh and NOTE: that site is totally misinforming people...totally...
    I won't even START to pick apart that site--
    and its sad to--that that site is a christan site--and I'm catholic--and I still hate the site--
    even when I look at the site in the mind set of a non-pot smoking catholic--the sites still bullshit...
  15. Hear Hear!!
  16. Born & raised Catholic & to the dude who started this thread...
    whose side are you on dude? You want weed to stay illegal? While booze goes around killing millions of peeps every other second? Not me peeps, not this Catholic sirreee buddy boy. If the Pope can smoke dope then there is hope he don't drop the soap.
  17. I don't think I ever said I wanted weed to stay illegal...personally I want it to be regulated. It doesn't belong in the hands of children but adults should have a choice. Maybe you got confused when I talked about my friend. I'm agnostic but I don't have a problem with Christians, so many of my friends(as well as my gf) are Christian. While most of them don't have a problem with weed my one friend thinks it's evil and all pot smokers are going to hell. Maybe that's what confused you about my point of view?
  18. Must've been apologies to you. I'm sure that's where the confusion stems from. I'm all for 21+ on age of smoking & drinking, as it won't effect me in the least [50]. In fact I'd rather it was 21+...keep some of the immature punks outta the picture.
    Sell it in liquor stores, make all opiates OTC in the drug store. I'm sure we could make some $$. Let's find some state that wants to make it legal. No sweat, right? :hippie:
  19. yeah weed causes gonna smoke till i die.....

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