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Marijuana produces thc as soon as it breaks soil!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by donganja, May 6, 2011.

  1. CBN/CBD. Look it up?

  2. placebo is one hell of a drug man, i wouldnt fuck wit that shit...
  3. Yeah I just smoked a pube joint and I'm pretty high off that too
  4. Cannabidiol - CBD
    Cannabinol - CBN
    Cannabichromene - CBC
    Cannabicyclol - CBL
    Tetrahydrocannabivarin - THCV

    these are the other cannibinoids that play a factor in your high. they change ipotency levels as the plant grows, but are always present. so the mild seddetive effect comes from the other cannibinoids not the thc. therefore the leaves do have an effect just not the strong high that everybody desires.
  5. placebo is not a drug it is the brain thinking something has an effect because you want it to. but marijuana is a strong exact feeling and can not be easily confused with thinking your high, if your high on marijuana your going to know it.
  6. Regardless of facts and science, if this man has extra sprouts or young plants he doesn't want and he enjoys smoking them then hes Ayokay in my book.
  7. it seems as if people are confused about how a placebo effect works. lets say you were taking alot of prescriptions for pain and you may not need them all the time but you think you do. the doctor gives you a water pill instead(placebo) now you think you've taken your meds and your pain goes away. a placebo cant create a generic high. if someone gives you a glass of water and says its vodka your not going to get drunk. that means everytime you smoked some bad weed youd be stoned cus you thought it was fire. meaning you could smoke oregeno and get high if someone told you it was weed-impossible.

  8. are you telling me... that you're smoking seeds and dried leaves?
  9. exactly, i just discovered for myself the effect that it has and wanted to share with people because a lot of people have a belief bias- which occurs when people accept only the evidence that conforms to their belief, rejecting or ignoring any evidence that does not. it is in no way shape or form better then a bud high but the cannibinoids present give you a version of the high that is verry noticible.
  10. i love it when i smoke the resin and it crackles when i hit it
  11. no seeds just dry leaves from a seedling which has higher leves of certain cannibinoids then when it gets older and as it grows some of those break down in to other chemicals including thc so depending on what stage of the plant is when you smoke it depends on the effect that you get when you smoke it.
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    resin no doubt gets you a strong thc high and yes it crackels when lit but also melts sometimes. and the plants leaves can make the resin a much more enjoyable smoke even though its not that harsh as people think that havent smoked it by itself. it doesnt taste bad or burn your throat it just dosnt taste great like bud does and im pretty sure your smokin more tar then bud so its not as healthy. but that is y its a substitute not a preference.
  13. if you dont beleive me try it. you cant knock it till you try it. and some people just arent in tune with their body they dont notice their drunk until they caint walk strait and think that they arent drunk when they are tipsy from a few drinks.

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