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Marijuana produces thc as soon as it breaks soil!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by donganja, May 6, 2011.

  1. ive done this a few times when i didnt have any bud to smoke. doing the thinning out proccess i plant a lot of seeds and the ones that seem to be growing slow i put in a book let them dry out for a day load them in a bowl and get a cool buzz goin for about an hour. it is no where in comparison to smoking real bud but i was noticably high from just smoking the first true leaves. by the way i am a heavy weed smoker and have been smoking everyday for 6 years.

    ive also smoked resin i cleand out my glass pipe then put it back it my bowl and get just as high as you would from smoking bud. resin sometimes melts when lit and ive learned from experience that if you mix dried leaves with the resin, it keep it burning more evenley and more smoothly and it is as if your smoking the real thing!!
  2. I have a low tolerance and it does not get you even a buzz. unles you have a special strain
  3. I believe you need rehab
  4. no ive done it four times with bagseed and twice i got a good buz goin and the other two times i only felt a little lazy. so maybe it depends on the strain. in the past before i was an expeirenced smoker i smoked a hella leaves off some ditch weed off the side of the road and felt nothing.
  5. Thrichomes dont start forming until you force the plant to enter its flowering process. I call bullshit and reinforce that you need rehab comment.
  6. not at all i am very productive go to college, work, i just smoke hella weed. and ive seen so many post of people saying resin is the shit and others saying its horrible, same with the leaves so i thought id try for myself. i would never choose that over bud but it worked so i thought id share.
  7. I call Placebo Look it up
  8. i know all that, thats why i was surprised when i felt it. i loaded a bowl each for two of my friends and they were shocked that they felt it too
  9. I would say unless you have scientific evidence that THC is on your plant at that stage then bring it up
  10. i got a A in psychology i know what a placebo affect is and not for three people on different occasions statistically not a placebo.
  11. But it is because the plant DOES NOT produce the thc until it gets to the flowering stage in which at that point your plant has even sexed yet is what your saying. You can say your aware of placebo. But, how could you deny that possibly all of you felt it because you wanted to feel it = placebo
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    if their was scientific evidence then everybody still wouldnt smoke the leaves becuase its not the concetrated part of the pant. Thrichomes dont form on the plant till flowering but maybe its the plants natural cannibinoids. trial and error proves it has an effect just not a soaring or strong high like the buds produce. but neverless it has a mild effect. other people said theyve done it and got a light high with a mild headache so to them and to me its not worth it. why do you think you can make cannabutter,hash oil ect from the leaves even before flowering
  13. no it doesn't, the end.
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    Marijuana Leaves and THC[/B]

    Many people have this misconception that whether male marijuana plants can grow THC or not. The answer is yes. The male flowers do contain THC but not to the extent female flowers contain. Not only the flowers, also the male Marijuana leaves produce THC.

    Since male plants have a low THC content, they are hardly used for harvesting purposes. If you try to made cannabutter from a male marijuana plant, you would not be happy with the results because their THC level is very low. All the leaves as well as stems have some amount of THC in them.

    In a crux, the amount of THC level in the leaves plays a very important role in deciding how good your cannabutter will be. Moreover, the harvesting time period equally matters. Be sure to have a thorough knowledge over this beforehand so that you can see fruitful results .
  15. But you are stating before the plant is even determined to be male or female
  16. even 1 percent thc is not 0 it may not be worth the trouble but it does have an effect.
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  18. But a D in English right?
  19. lol silly im not mad about none of the posts im actually crackin up, but its just not widley known knowledge so i thought id share. and lmao i did drop my english class this semester.

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