marijuana produces thc as soon as it breaks soil

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  1. ive done this a few times when i didnt have any bud to smoke. doing the thinning out proccess i plant a lot of seeds and the ones that seem to be growing slow i put in a book let them dry out for a day load them in a bowl and get a cool buzz goin for about an hour. it is no where in comparison to smoking real bud but i was noticably high from just smoking the first true leaves. by the way i am a heavy weed smoker and have been smoking everyday for 6 years.
  2. ive also smoked resin i cleand out my glass pipe then put it back it my bowl and get just as high as you would from smoking bud. resin sometimes melts when lit and ive learned from experience that if you mix dried leaves with the resin, it keep it burning more evenley and more smoothly and it is as if your smoking the real thing!!
  3. This is just horrible.
  4. Monster!!!!1
  5. lol. here is the question. did you clean your pipe before smoking the seedlings? if not you are getting high from the resin. not the seedling...
  6. please stop creating multiples of this thread.......

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