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Marijuana Problem (I know I know.. Oxymoron)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, May 14, 2006.

  1. Okay... So for some reason, whenever I plan to toke up (usually happens on saturday or friday nights, when I get hoem late from work), I just put off smoking... I had my pipe out for like 20 minutes today... Then I got my grinder... Then 20 mintues later I mustered myself up to get my weed... Grinded it... 20 mintues later put it in an altoids tin and packed a bowl... Now they're sitting on my desk...

    I'm going to smoke it now... But jeex, its taken me long enough.

  2. I don't see a problem.

  3. you suffer from lazy-bastard-itis :smoke:
  4. I do the same thing lol...I'll take like 40 minutes to pack a bowl or to get around smoking it...It just I don't really rush to smoke sometimes, I like taking my time and getting the shit I have to do done before I think about it high.
  5. Haha, Not me! When I pack my bowl, I smoke it right after .
  6. yeah, i can't let a packed bowl sit. it's blasphemy.
  7. Nah its like.. I want to cherish every moment of getting high, including the part where your not high, but your getting high.
  8. Dude, that is the afterwork blues. I do that on occasion. I get home from work and feel like doing absolutely nothing, including too lazy to smoke. But then, what I do to counteract this is make weed my motivation. Like today i wander into work all early in the morning and I think what my night was gonna be tonight. Smokin and movies. And so I used this as my motivation to keep my head up and happy throughout the day, so by the time i got home, I was ready to blaze.

    Now that might be a problem if that's my motivation, lol.
  9. i like smoking half the bowl and then waiting 10 or 20 minutes and smoking the rest

  10. yeah i do that then i just go fuck it and light the match at witch pooint i have no choice but to smoke lol
  11. what is the point of this thread?
  12. seeing as i smoke more joints than i pack bowls, if im ever motivated, ill roll a couple more than i know im going to smoke. that way, if i want more later and im feeling lazy or too high to do it properly, ive already got stuff good to go
  13. that's really weird man! after i load a bowl i can't wait to spark up. :smoke:
  14. i know exactly what you mean. when I'm smoking by myself sometimes I'll let minutes go by between hits as I just space out for a while. I've been making an effort to smoke quicker actually.
  15. To exchange entertainment-based information between cannabis users on the internet.
  16. You want a solution? Pack your bowl before work, then when you get home, toke outside or w/e... but do it before you sit your lazy ass down, haha. works for me.
  17. or smoke a joint on the way home
  18. I can't wait to pack a bowl or roll a J after work relax for an hour or 2 and just fall asleep as you come down. You wake up the next morning feeling so refreshed.
  19. lol man dont let people piss on your thread. I do this alot, but usually after ive already had a bowl of something.
  20. the funny thing is, i decided i was going to smoke a bong about 25 minutes ago....

    still havent

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