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  1. (Another email I received today)

    Sixteen weeks from today, an historic initiative to end the war on all
    marijuana users will be on the statewide ballot in Nevada.

    Until last week, the Marijuana Policy Project had been running a
    stealth campaign in Nevada, avoiding media coverage and nationwide
    fundraising because we did not want to incite our opponents to start
    raising money and organizing against us.

    One week ago, however, the Nevada state government announced that our
    initiative has officially qualified for the ballot, and we have been
    receiving extensive, positive news coverage ever since.

    On November 5, our initiative to end marijuana prohibition in the
    first state in the nation will either pass or fail. In order to
    achieve victory on Election Day, we will need to receive monetary
    support from many thousands of allies and supporters from all across
    the country.

    Will you please visit to donate $10 or more to
    this historic campaign? Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement is
    our PAC in Nevada. Please play a part in this dramatic, landmark
    campaign by donating $10 or more today.



    If approved by a majority of the voters, our ballot initiative would
    eliminate the threat of arrest and all other penalties for adults who
    use and possess up to three ounces of marijuana. Second, it would
    require the state government to implement a system whereby adults
    could obtain marijuana through a legally regulated market, rather than
    from the criminal market. Third, it would allow seriously ill patients
    to obtain marijuana at a lower cost than non-medical users. And,
    fourth, it would impose common-sense restrictions that the voters
    demand, such as imposing penalties for driving dangerously while under
    the influence of marijuana, smoking marijuana in public, and providing
    marijuana to minors.

    In short, this ballot initiative would end the government's war on
    responsible marijuana users, thereby allowing the police in Nevada to
    focus their time and resources on murder, rape, robbery, and property
    crimes. Nevadans for Responsible Law Enforcement is the right name for
    our campaign committee.

    To see the text of the initiative, please visit
    And, if you like what you see, would you please use the contribution
    form on that Web site to donate $10 or more to this historic campaign?



    After the Nevada government certified on July 9 that our initiative
    will be on the November 5 ballot, CNN Headline News ran a story about
    our campaign on its 30-minute rotation for an entire day. And on
    Saturday, the national FOX News Channel hosted a live debate between a
    supportive Nevada state legislator (Chris Giunchigliani) and an
    extreme prohibitionist (David Evans) who believes that everyone --
    including seriously ill people -- should be put in prison for using

    The Washington Post ran a story on page A2 on Sunday, and the
    Associated Press, Reuters, and U.S. News & World Report also ran
    stories in the past week, as did every newspaper in Nevada. Even
    Jay Leno cracked a joke about our initiative on The Tonight Show
    last night!

    Perhaps most significantly, the largest newspaper in Nevada -- the
    conservative Las Vegas Review-Journal -- endorsed our initiative.

    Please see for a catalogue of the print media
    coverage our marijuana proposal has received so far. If you agree
    that our campaign is on the right track, would you please donate
    $10 or more?



    An incredibly hectic signature drive -- which involved more than 200
    campaign workers -- cost $357,000, all of which was underwritten by a
    handful of major philanthropists. We weren't trying to break any
    records, but the 109,048 signatures we collected broke the all-time
    record for the greatest number of signatures collected by any
    statewide petition drive in Nevada, and we broke a second record by
    doing this in the shortest amount of time ever -- only 40 days!

    The aforementioned philanthropists were willing to provide all of the
    seed money for this campaign because we wanted to avoid a public
    fundraising drive for as long as possible. Why? Because we did not
    want to incite our opponents to start organizing and raising money
    against us.

    However, now that this campaign has gone public, it is time to
    ask you and the other 45,000 friends and allies on this e-mail
    list to pitch in.

    If you and most of the other subscribers on this list each donate $10
    or more between now and Election Day, this would generate
    approximately $500,000 ... all of which would be used to run
    hard-hitting TV ads in Nevada at the end of the campaign ... which
    would catapult our initiative to an historic victory on November 5.

    Would you please make one of three choices with regard to your
    participation in this campaign?

    1. Please visit to play an important role in
    this dramatic, landmark campaign by donating $10 or more today.

    2. If you don't want to donate anything to this campaign, please let
    me know this simply by taking a few seconds to visit so that I do not bother you with
    additional fundraising solicitations for this campaign.

    3. If you want to remove yourself permanently from MPP's e-mail
    lists, please visit
    or simply e-mail me with the word REMOVE in the subject line.

    If you do not choose any of these three options, I will e-mail you a
    follow-up message to ask how you want to proceed. Over the next four
    or five weeks, I hope to receive answers from all 45,000 subscribers.



    There have been only three statewide initiatives in the history of the
    country that have sought to end marijuana prohibition. In the 1970s,
    California voters rejected a marijuana initiative by a 2-to-1 margin.
    In the 1980s, Oregon voters rejected a similar initiative by a 3-to-1
    margin. And in November 2000, Alaska voters rejected yet another
    marijuana initiative by a 41-59 vote.

    Our confidential polling indicates that Nevada voters believe that
    adults should not be arrested for using marijuana. Support for
    marijuana policy reform has been surging across the country for the
    past six years, and it is time we capitalize on this cresting wave by
    scoring our first broad-based initiative victory -- in Nevada.

    I hope you will seriously consider visiting to
    donate $10 or more, so that MPP can amass the $500,000 that is
    needed to blanket the Nevada airwaves with our TV ads in October and
    early November.

    Thank you for anything you can do to throw your support behind this
    important campaign.


    Rob Kampia
    Executive Director
    Marijuana Policy Project
    Washington, D.C.

    P.S. With only 112 days left in this campaign, we don't have much time
    to raise the substantial sum of money that is needed to run
    hard-hitting TV ads at the end of the campaign. Please visit right away to donate $10 or more. Thank you!

    P.P.S. By donating $250 or more now, you will receive a videotape of
    all of the campaign's hard-hitting TV ads in October, as well
    as all of the TV news coverage of the Nevada campaign.

    P.P.P.S. Our first-ever national conference will begin two days after
    Election Day in Anaheim, California. To join us for what will
    hopefully be a victory celebration, please register at .

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